Realistic LAX Flyout! @ KLAX - 011800ZFEB20

The Realistic LAX Flyout!

Proudly Partnered With Qantas Virtual, United Virtual (UVAL), Alaska Virtual (ASVA), NonStop Virtual, And Global Airtours

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Important Event Information

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX

Time And Date: 2020-02-01T18:00:00Z

When To Spawn: 15 minutes before departure.

Aircraft And Destination: Whichever you choose.


Don’t troll. After all, it’s the expert server. Please act professionally.
Don’t push from your gate if the person to your immediate left or right is pushing from theirs.
Please be respectful. Don’t spam the Unicom (or ATC in the rare event we have it).

Information on Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport is a hub to four passenger airlines and one cargo airline; Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Atlas Air. There are five airlines that have a focus city here; Air New Zealend, Allegiant Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Qantas, Southwest Airlines and Volaris.

LAX was built in 1928 and has four runways, 06L/24R, 06R/24L, 07R/25L, 07L/25R. There are nine terminals located at LAX shaped in the letter “U”. It is also the second busiest airport in the US (ATL is first) and the fourth busiest airport in the world.

The top 3 domestic destinations in the past year was, San Francisco (SFO), New York (JFK) and Las Vegas (LAS). The top 3 international destinations in the past year was, London Heathrow (LHR), Mexico City (MEX) and Seoul-Incheon (ICN).

Airlines That Operate At LAX

Airline Terminal
Southwest Airlines Terminal 1
Delta Air Lines Terminal 2
Virgin Atlantic Terminal 2
Delta Air Lines Terminal 3
Westjet Terminal 3
American Airlines Terminal 4/5
American Eagle Terminal 4/5
Allegiant Airways Termainl 5
Hawaiian Airlines Terminal 5
Frontier Airlines Terminal 5
Spirit Airlines Terminal 5
jetBlue Airways Terminal 5
Sun Country Terminal 5
Air Canada Terminal 6
Alaska Air Terminal 6
Boutique Air Terminal 6
United Airlines Terminal 7
United Airlines Terminal 8
Aeroflot TBIT
Air China TBIT
Air France TBIT
Air New Zealand TBIT
Air Tahiti Nui TBIT
Alitalia TBIT
Asiana Airlines TBIT
Avianca TBIT
British Airways TBIT
Cathay Pacific TBIT
China Airlines TBIT
China Eastern TBIT
China Southern TBIT
Copa Airlines TBIT
El Al Israel Airlines TBIT
Emirates TBIT
Etihad TBIT
Eva Air TBIT
Fiji Airways TBIT
Hainan Airlines TBIT
Hong Kong Airlines (end February 6th) TBIT
Iberia TBIT
Interjet TBIT
Japan Airlines TBIT
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines TBIT
Korean Airlines TBIT
Lufthansa TBIT
Norwegian Air Shuttle TBIT
Saudia Airlines TBIT
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) TBIT
Singapore Airlines TBIT
Swiss International Air Lines TBIT
Virgin Australia TBIT
Volaris TBIT
XiamenAir TBIT

NOTAM: Not all airlines are included due to lack of space. If you would like to switch a route, please request the airline and destination (be sure to check if its a real route, you can do so here) and I will be happy to change it. Thanks!


Terminal 1 (7 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KSFO Southwest B737 1 @Taren_Kohli
KLAS Southwest B738 2 @Captain_Oblivious
KOAK Southwest B737 3 @Mr_Yellow
KDAL Southwest B738 4A
KATL Southwest B737 4B
KDEN Southwest B738 5 @KindaTartySliceOfPie
KPHX Southwest B738 6 @ThatFlightSimGuy_24
KSJC Southwest B737 7 @BigBert10
KHOU Southwest B737 8 @Aviation3
KMDW Southwest B737 9
KBNA Southwest B737 10
KSLC Southwest B737 11
KMSY Southwest B738 12
KSFO Southwest B738 13 @ykaviation
MMUN Southwest B737 14
Terminal 2 (7 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KJFK Delta B763 21 @N2628P
PHKO Delta B738 22
KLAS Delta B739 23A
MMSD Delta B738 23B @Delta319
KSEA Delta B738 24
EIDW Aer Lingus A333 25
KSFO Delta B739 25B
EGLL Virgin Atlantic B789 26A @SirMarkieMark
KSMF Delta B738 27
KMSP Delta B739 28
Terminal 3 (5 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
CYYC WestJet B738 31B @Zach007
KPHX Delta Connection E170 33A
KSAN Delta Connection E170 33B
KDTW Delta A321 34 @ajrose8231
KMCO Delta B739 35
KATL Delta A321 36
KBOI Delta Connection E175 37A
KMSY Delta B738 37B @KennedyTurner
KJFK Delta A333 38B @Jetcentric
Terminal 4 (6 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KDEN American B738 40 @Luke_Sta
EGLL American B77W 41 @Adam_Norman
KJFK American A321 42A @ButterAllDay
KDFW American B738 42B @simopoint
NZAA American B789 43 @CaptainClark
KMCO American B738 45
KMIA American A321 46A
KSFO American A321 46B
KORD American A321 46C
KLAS American A321 47A @Matt_B
KPHL American A321 47B @bouncy_butter
KDFW American B738 48A @EpicNYC04
YSSY American B789 48X @Elefanths
KPHX American A321 49A
Terminal 5 (14 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KATL American B738 50A @CptCalvin437
PHNL American A321 50B
KJFK jetBlue A321 51B @NYFLFlyer22
KDEN American E175 52A
KSJC American E175 52C
KSFO American E175 52D
KPHX American CRJ7 52E
KPDX American E175 52F
KABQ American E175 52G
KELP American CRJ7 52H
KSEA American E175 52I
PHOG American A321 53A
PHLI American A321 53B
KOAK Spirit A320 54
KBWI Spirit A319 56
KDFW Spirit A321 58
KFLL jetBlue A321 59 @JetBlue_48_DJT

NOTAM: *Gates 52A - 52I are remote stands just east of Terminal 8. They are named "The Box Remote Gate 52A-52I. They are used for American Eagle flights.

Terminal 6 (5 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KSFO Alaska B738 61 @cptlogue
KBOS Alaska B739 62 @Aviation_Nerd
KJFK Alaska B738 63
KSEA Alaska A320 64A @anon38496261
KIAD Alaska B738 65A
KSJC Alska B739 65B
KPDX Alaska A320 66 @James_Digby
KLAS Alaska B738 67
CYYZ Air Canada B789 68B @Alexian61
KORD Alaska A320 69A @Thiago_Silva
PANC Alaska B738 69B
Terminal 7 (3 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
PHOG United B738 70A @United2
KSFO United B739 70B
KSMF United CRJ2 71A
MMUN United B739 71B
KEWR United B78X 72A @Eugene_Leybovich
KORD United B739 73 @Zak_Zaitz
KIAH United A320 74 @Pilot-Juan-Fernandez
KLAS United B739 75A @Bren_McDonell
PHNL United B739 75B @BrockB
YSSY United B789 76A @Nicholas1
KIAD United B772 77 @m_de41
Terminal 8 (7 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KDEN United B739 80
KMCO United B739 81
KBWI United B738 82 @Twayne
KSBP United CRJ2 83
KAUS United E170 84
KFAT United CRJ2 85
KSLC United CRJ7 86A
KPSP United CRJ2 86B
Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) (3 Left!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
VHHH Cathay Pacific B773 130 @Kyle107
EHAM KLM B744 131 @Planeboi19
RCTP China Airlines A359 132 @Doonies
EFHK Finnair A359 133 @Zak_Plant
RKSI Asiana A359 134 @TylerShah
MSLP Avianca A320 135 @CarlosFunes
MSLP Avianca A320 137
MMMX Volaris A320 139 @SUPPA_FROG
MMGL Volaris A320 141
RKSI Korean A388 148 @Mark.Gregor.jaaska
RJTT ANA B77W 150 @ran
MPTO Copa Airlines B738 151
EGLL British Airways B744 152 @Mike_Lima_Tango
LSZH Swiss Air Lines B77W 153 @Manuel
NZAA Air New Zealand B77W 154 @Captain_JR
YBBN Qantas B789 155 @Hayden
WSSS Singapore A359 156 @Pilot_Waters
OTHH QATAR A359 157 @Adam_Goodman
EDDF Lufthansa A388 159 @TranX
Overflow (Full!)
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
OMBD Emirates A388 West Remote Stand 212 @Captainshayan
WSSS Singapore A359 West Remote Stand 213 @QVG-Crunch
OMAA Etihad B77W West Remote Stand 214 @lew1s_h02
EGLL American B77W West Remote Stand 215 @iiExTReME
KBOS jetBlue A321 West Remote Stand 216 @Lil_Seedy_Boi
LFPG Air France B77W West Remote Stand 217 @Greggoose972
EGKK Norwegian B789 West Remote Stand 218 @Ryan_Irvine

NOTAM: The West Remote Stands are on the northwest side of the airport next to runway 06R. They are used for overflow from a few terminals and of course TBIT.

Cargo Aprons
Destination Airline Aircraft Gate Pilot
KIND FedEx MD11 FedEx Cargo Apron 01
KEWR FedEx MD11 FedEx Cargo Apron 02
KSDF FedEx MD11 FedEx Cargo Apron 03
KSDF FedEx B77F FedEx Cargo Apron 04
KAFW FedEx MD11 FedEx Cargo Apron 05
KONT UPS MD11 Southwest Cargo Apron 01
KSDF UPS MD11 Southwest Cargo Apron 02
PANC Atlas Air B744 Imperial Cargo Apron 01
PHNL Atlas Air B744 Imperial Cargo Apron 02
- - - Imperial Cargo Apron 03
- - - Imperial Cargo Apron 04
- - - Imperial Cargo Apron 05

More aprons will be added if needed.

Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
- - Signature Flight Support 01
- - Signature Flight Support 02
- - Signature Flight Support 03
- - Signature Flight Support 04
KSEA B737 BBJ Atlantic Aviation LAX 01 @Captain_Merka
KSEA ACJ A318 Atlantic Aviation LAX 02 @BadPlane
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 03 Reserved
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 04 Reserved
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 05 Reserved
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 06 Reserved
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 07 Reserved
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 08 Reserved
- - Atlantic Aviation LAX 09 Reserved

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Qantas Virtual is Partnering with this event!

Find out more about Qantas Virtual Group here

United Virtual (UVAL)

United Virtual offers diverse routes with their twelve hubs and is always looking for amazing pilots to join their VA. Interested? Apply here!

Alaska Virtual (ASVA)


Check out their thread:

Global Airtours

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Can I get 37B to MCO please

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Can I get the China Airlines to RCTP? Thanks

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I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose please

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I’ll get the Avianca A320 to San Salvador

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May I get this one?

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so I would love to do the flyout in the A359 to seoul but I do not know if asiana is confirmed. if it is I will take it to seoul if not then helenski

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I’ll take Terminal 4 Gate 42A. Thank you!


I’ll take gate 159. #Luthansa!

T5 51B please!

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Thank you for arranging this event! LAX is my home airport.

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23B to San Jose del Cabo, please. Equipment is a 737-800

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Haven’t Flown ANZ in a long time, would be fun to fly it as we are in the middle of the Winter Season in February.

Hi Bray, The gate above, Thanks :)

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Can I have gate 157


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Could i get 72a to ewr please?

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Can I take an American 738 to Denver please? They have used the 738 on the route before.

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