Realistic ideas for long haul routes out of JFK

You could fly to london, I love doing that route

To give you ideas, why don’t you check Flight radar to see which airlines fly to destinations from KJFK
It’s in real life

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KJFK-RSKI Asiana a359


JFK-TLV El Al 747 or 787 about 7-8 hrs overnight flight

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You could do JFK to EZE (Ezeiza, Buenos aires)

I tried that before, but thanks :)

KJFK-EIDW or EINN. Generic A330 or Aer Lingus/ Generic 757

KJFK-FAOR (A346 or A359 SAA)

KJFK - UUEE Aeroflot A350-900, A330-300 or B777-300ER

Do JFK to LCY be sure to use the A318

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Kenya Airways 787-8

I recommend this…

Route: KJFK-EIDW (New York to Dublin)
Flight time: 6-7 hrs
Aircraft: A350-900 Aerlingus / 757-200 Aerlingus

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