Realistic Ice Build-Up

Hello all, this is my first ever feature request so do tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Anyway here goes:


Firstly, what am I on about?

I’m on about ice building up on leading aircraft edges, which would like in real life cause a stall.

What is ice build up and how does it work

Say you’re flying in northern Russia, or Alaska, somewhere really cold, where the temperature is well below 0 degrees. We all know that 0°C is the freezing point of water. However, if the water is very pure i.e. if its condensed and there is nothing for the water to freeze on, so clouds basically, it can be sustained below the freezing point, hence why you don’t get clouds in winter turning into massive ice cubes and dropping out the sky.

As soon as a plane flies through such a cloud, the water in the clouds has something to latch and freeze onto: the leading edges of the wings, nose, tail and rudder.

This then causes a build up of ice, changing the shape of the wings, thus causing a change in the aerodynamics of the aircraft, and altering the capability of lift such that in some cases, you may lose it entirely and go out of control.

An example of this is Continental Express Flight 3407, which crashed in Buffalo, NY in 2009 on a 5 mile final after a build up of ice, forcing the Dash 8 to lose control and dive into a house, killing all 48 passengers and crew and one person in the house.


The reason I’ve thought about this topic in the first place is because I managed to takeoff a C172 in solo mode, at a Russian airport, set the temperature to -90°C and managed to easily climb to 15000ft (service ceiling for 172) and cruise without problems…

I was thinking as a solution to the ice build up, to simply have a de-ice button on planes that have it that would get rid of it.

I understand this would mean a lotttttttt of work on many planes on IF, as the physics of how they fly in certain temperatures would have to be changed and I’m in no way saying this is a top priority feature we need, but I’m just throwing the topic out there, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll have it.

Let me know what you think and if I’ve done something wrong. Blue skies!

Good suggestion but would be way down my list compared to other features…


Absolutely, hence why I said I know it won’t be a priority for a long time, nevertheless, can’t hurt to put it out there :)

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Hi there,cool feature request,which I also think would make Infinite Flight much more realistic,but remember only 1 picture per feature request,thank you!

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Taken some out, thanks!

How about a picture that better represents your topic,like this one?


Realistic flight sim request but at the moment people still learning to fly, if De-icer sign pops up in the cockpit it’s great but making aircrafts crash Im not sure, People will be making more topic in support section ‘’oh my plane crashed after I left to fly towards North Pole, it’s not my fault, it’s IF fault. If you don’t remove my violations, I will cancel my subs” :D


Hahaha very true!!!

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Would be cool with this feature they could also add the opinion to De-ice living in Norway btw so

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Hey your request sounds cool but adding this feature to the sim would make matters worse. Just imagine doing an overnighter and woke up to see tons of violations back to Grade 1 and your flight crashed. I guess you wouldn’t like it huh. Now Moderators have to deal with another issue for violations all the time. Modern aircrafts have all the mechanisms for flying through extreme cold conditions without freezing over or stalling. Realistic ice build on aircrafts would be cool but stalling because of that is a BIG NO NO.

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Yeah I absolutely see your point, just thought it would be a cool feature to have for realism etc. Maybe the issue you raised with regards to long haul overnight flights would be solved by having an option in the settings so your plane wouldn’t be effected by it?

Like already said, I’m in no way saying “we absolutely need this”, but it’s a thing to think about having at some point in the future :)

This is the most seen thing in #support lol

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Absolutely a good idea, but deicing on GA aircraft is generally needed while flying through moisture. Thing is, there are no clouds in IF, so pilots would get quite confused. Still see that as a possibility though!

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Weather would have to be added before this.