Realistic Frequencies for KLAX

As you all know - Los Angeles International has two Tower frequencies, two Ground frequencies, and two [main] Approach frequencies; one for the North Complex (06/24L/R), and another for the South Complex (07/25L/R). This is obviously because LAX is an extremely busy airport (88,068,000 passengers in 2019 alone). Therefore, I am putting forth a feature suggestion that I believe will increase realism in Infinite Flight, as well as allow controllers to have some of the stress lifted off of their shoulders.

The idea is simple: When a user goes to select LAX as the airport they would like to control, the drop down menu of available frequencies will include two Tower and Ground frequencies (North & South), instead of the single frequencies that we currently have for Tower and Ground control.

To minimize confusion among controllers and pilots, the dual frequencies should be labeled as “North” and “South,” as that is how they are identified among ATC and pilots in real life, as well as on (see images below).

In addition: to maintain a heightened sense of realism and organization, I suggest that the frequencies be restricted to only one user per dual frequency. For example, one person shall not be allowed to operate the North and South complex simultaneously - whether it be the ground control or tower control. One of the frequencies may be uncontrolled (which is already the case with LAX and other Class B airports in IF) - but that is significantly better than a chaotic mess of one individual frantically trying to manage both sides of LAX by themselves.

I believe this feature should be included in the Training server as well as the Expert server (in which a version of this feature already exists).

Hey! There are actually multiple of the same frequencies for different airports available (according to the real world frequencies), but only in the Expert Server.

Example of KLAX:


Thank you for the info! I have edited this post to specify that I would like to see the feature implemented into the Training server as well.

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It would be interesting to see the training server have multiple of the same frequencies, however, i see a number of issues that could possibly happen if it is implemented there.

If a inexperienced controller is controlling North KLAX Ground, he may on guard those on the South as there is no ATIS which indicates which frequency to contact. On the other hand, aircraft may be confused on which frequency to contact too.


Might I also add, it’ll most likely be difficult to coordinate with the other controller unless you’re controlling both frequencies (if possible), or have a method of communication with the other controller.


That is a fair point. I will also add that a user is only allowed to control one of each frequency (North Ground + North Tower, for example).

Thank you for pointing that out! I will certainly revise this post to address that concern.

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Of course, but like what @Tsumia said above, it is hard to coordinate with TS controllers unlike ES controllers (we have a Slack).

There are many factors that stops devs from adding multiple of the same frequencies on the Training Server, and that is one of them. Even in the Expert Server, we do not open multiple of the same frequencies most of the time.


Impossible really for TS. Knowing how TS works… you’ll have two towers open with each controller on guarding all the aircraft like a game of tug of war.

TS needs less scope for messy scenarios IMO and this won’t help.


I understand that. I believe that minor issues will arise no matter what the features on here are, but I think it’s an idea worth presenting nonetheless. I truly appreciate the constructive feedback from you both. Thank you again!

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Hey @Aviation_Aron!
This is a great observation! However, this feature is already in the game on the expert server. Many airports have multiple. frequencies which can be used by IFATC in case of heavy traffic. Also adding frequencies is the job of the infinite flight editing team, so if you do find a mistake please let us know, however we don’t take requests.
-Sami F. [AFKLM207]

We also have to mention the pilots too. On expert, IFATC such as myself rarely use more than one tower frequency, because it is often confusing to the pilots. Imagine how confusing it would be for pilots on the training server, who are there to learn. They don’t even have the advantage of an ATIS!

I edited my post to include this concern. Thank you for the comment!

Well overall, the TS doesn’t get enough traffic for this to really be an issue.

Just adding onto what has been stated above, even though realism would be amazing for the TS frequencies, there’s a reason that they gave ES ATC multiple realistic frequencies yet only gave TS ATC one frequency per facility. They didn’t just do that on accident, which is why every airport on TS is like LAX in this sense. This is for many reasons: to spread out airports that are open, to not confuse new TS pilots, to prevent trolling, and a bunch of other stuff. Places like LAX, JFK and LHR are already chaos daily, so adding in MULTIPLE ATC frequencies would just make it worse; and you also have to consider that not as TS ATC would be able to accurately or efficiently use it anyways.

Feature request like this but for all airports was already posted a year ago and got closed. And, as said above, the data about multiple frequencies is there and IFATC can open multiple frequencies.

Hi there. This won’t be added as it will lead to, in the nicest term possible, mayhem!