Realistic flights

I am looking for flights that happend in the real world to fly in the game I have recently been flying on If at the same time as a real flight in the Singapore region but I want to know what realistic flights you guys recommended

Thanks josh

LAX to PSP is a real route operated by a United CRJ-200


All in the Amsterdam region


Also PHNL (Honolulu) to PHTO (Hilo Intl) in the Hawaii region, some are operated by Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 717-200 aircraft or are they retired now?

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KDEN - KGUC in the CRJ operated by United Express. This is the real world route: BAYLR3 HBU

You can use this chart for the BAYLR3 departure from Denver to find the waypoints:

You can also fly the route in the Dash 8, in which case you should use the ROCKI2 departure instead of the BAYLR3:

Also, the RNAV (RNP) approach to Runway 24 at KGUC is really one of a kind, with a low and fast turn to line up with the runway. Highly recommended, see the chart here to get the relevant waypoints:

If you choose to fly it, let me know what you think! :)

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Check out this list:

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They still fly

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