Realistic Flights and Gate Spawn/parking

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You might be wondering what this thread means or what the point o this thread is.

I am sure like many of you when you go to IF and spawn in at LAX and see a Ryanair 737 or a Delta A330-900 to SFO. Idk about you but I think that it takes a lot of the realism of the flight sim. I think that if people want to do unrealistic flights it should be on CS or Solo. Or something else you might see a Southwest 737 spawned in at TBIT which obviously doesn’t ever happen. I think that IF should have a feature that you have to fill out your route before you spawn in so make sure it is realistic and I think once you put your aircraft and airline it should give you a list of Gates to spawn in to. I think another cool feature would be to have a separate ground for assigning gates so that people know where to go while keeping it realistic for example having International flights go from S gates at SEA and not have a united flight at D gates at SEA.

If you think this feature is much needed and you love realism on ES make sure to vote!

Idk about this one 🤷🏽‍♂️

It’s a great idea to think of but can you imagine the amount of work editors & developers would have to do to visit every airport and research which airline goes where ?

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People are free to fly what they want, where they want. You’re more than welcome to stick to that level of realism yourself though of course.

I’m not sure how practical adding this would be. Just me 🤷‍♂️


The thing is this won’t work, as anyone is able to fly whatever aircraft, livery, or route they want to. It defiantly is annoying, but not much we can do.

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If we did this it would defeat the whole purpose of “free flight”

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  1. Where the heck are we getting the data from?

  2. What if, for example, I fly from Palma to Stansted in a Ryanair 737, but have to divert to Luton? I’ll then want to do a repositioning flight from Luton to Stansted to get the aircraft back where the company would need it to be. But, Ryanair don’t typically fly from Luton to Stansted (would be 100 times quicker to drive) so how would I do that if the app won’t let me. Also, sometimes aircraft will go tech, and the only available aircraft for the Delta LAX to SFO flight as in your example might just happen to be an A339. It does happen. Or how would you do a delivery flight, say Ryanair from BFI to DUB? That’s not a regularly scheduled flight but it happens. What if I want to fly an Emirates flight, but it is usually operated by an A380. IMO, it is more realistic to use the currently better modelled 777 than to use the old and in-need-of-rework (I know it’s coming) A380.

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idk i like pretending that southwest is a european airline sometimes


I think it’s a very bad idea, I love being able to fly new routes that don’t exist now.

But if you want this why not go all the way and remove all unrealistic airplanes and liveries from the game too? If you want absolute realism, anything that isn’t currently being flown needs to go. That would include almost the entire 747 fleet, DC/MD non-freighter fleets, and all the liveries that either don’t exist or aren’t flown anymore, such as united/klm/emirates a350, Air France 787-10, Delta 772, and I’m sure quite a few more…


Wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea, I’m all for realism. It’s just a bit hard to implement, and then enforcing it will add another level of complexity.

From an ATC pov. it would increase our workload, which would be less than ideal at hub airports.

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I do understand how you don’t like when people use a A330 for an LAX / SFO, but the whole point of a flight sim is to fly freely! But I do get the general idea.


I’ve always thought that it would be cool if we got another server with the same rules as expert but you had to fly with realistic liveries, routes, gate assignments, etc. That way people who wanted to fly with the most realism as possible could do so on different server without being bothered by Ryanair’s at LAX and people who want to fly unrealistic routes with unrealistic aircraft could stick to the original expert server. Would likely never happen but it would be a fun concept.

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I get what ur saying and it sounds like a good idea, but earlier I diverted an a330 from jfk to Newark, but then afterwards did a repositioning flight. I wouldn’t have been Able to do this if there was this feature

This is not something we’ll be doing even if it got all the votes in the world.