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I’ve been using numerous websites from around for realistic flight plan making.
On LH flights I somewhat get tired of typing in the the waypoints, them loading and finally adding them to the plan. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, there must be an easier method for this?

If you use FPLtoIF, you can just copy and paste the FPL into IF…

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You can paste a whole flightplan in one go just by having your waypoints separated by spaces, so something like KLAX EGLL LFPG will add 3 of these waypoints to your flightplan in one go. You can use to get a flightplan in this format from simbrief, which is one of the best flightplanning tools for simmers.
Another option would be to use something that can output garmin fpl format, also known just as .fpl, though I can’t think of one right now

How do I copy it in?

You can just type your whole flight plan into the search field and it will automatically populate

Copy the FPL from FPLtoIF, go into Infinite Flight, start a flight, go into the search bar, tap the space where you would enter your FPL, click Paste. Easy.

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You can make flightplan in SimBrief and copy past it into IF, or you make a flightplan in Skyvector where you can store and export it in the .fpl format that IF uses.
The advantage of the .fpl format is that it can have attitudes assigned to waypoints, with a try for regular used flights. In addition you can by example reduce the .fpl file just to the Center segment and add SID and STAR based on weather.
The .fpl format is easy readable and editable with any plain text editor. That makes it nice for planing non commercial routes as well.

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Thanks everyone!

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