Realistic Flight Database [Possible IRL flights in IF]

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EDDL - EHAM KLM Embraer ERJ-190
Amsterdam @kevirtual

Are there really flights from KEWR to KFJK? That’s literally an one hour drive (more or less) through New York City. Is this really common? To me it looks faster to just take a taxi instead of boarding and flying, etc.

No, there aren’t any real world routes between the three NY area airports. You’d only see flights between those airports simply for repositioning. :)

Alright. I think I don’t really understand the point of this topic then. So IRL routes includes repositioning routes?

Have a read of this thread where we discussed the IRL routes that are able to be flown in IF.

My favourite is Antigua-St Kitts ( in the Caribbean region) flown by a British Airways B777. As far as I know the only real routeen wide body flight that is flown within the boundaries of a. iF region.


Dash-8 q400


What website did you get the information

I can’t rmb, I think it was flightaware

I need the airline too ya!

Well I’ve been going into the airlines flight schedule and flight radar 24 and then going into if to see if it’s there

Well at the moment there all Qantas link sorry for being so long on information just I’ve had a lot of time today

Haha flightradar isnt a gd idea for my laggy pc😂

Well I’m on an iPad

Don’t forget KSAN-KLAX Delta E170!

Qantas Link doesn’t fly YSSY to YMRY. No Dash 8 flies that route. Rex fly it with the Saab 340.

Southwest don’t fly SFO to SJC?

The only real world route they fly that can be replicated in IF with the current regions, is KFLL to KTPA & return. You need to add it into your list.

FYI There is already a current correct list in the forums if you search for it, it’s linked in one of the replies above. It’s correct & complete

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Link or name, Please?

I know but that is the closest thing to that