Realistic Flight Advice

Hello, I would like some tips/advice on having a more realistic flight. I have a pretty good understanding on flight procedures, but I didn’t know about some things, like how you turn on strobes right before going onto a runway. Also, what is a good trim setting? Thanks.


That are very broad questions:

My number 1 tip for realistic flights, is to go onto FR24, find a real flight you want to fly as well, and then utilize the replay function of FR24, recreating used runways, taxiways, parking positions and cruising altitudes with the help of the feature.

Trim always depends on the aircraft. In-flight your trim should be set to a value so that the pink line in the trim settings box is balanced out → not visible. Some aircraft like the CRJ900 require much trim around 60% while others only need 35% or less. This also depends on your own preference as trim is there to help you make controlling the aircraft easier.

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Here are a few YouTube videos on it

For flying specific aircraft, for example do a search under “Tutorial for B777 take off” and “landing”… or for flight proceedures for example search for “flying a hold pattern”, or a “vor approach” or an ILS approach.
Plus when you the log on/loading process it always shows “batch” of pro tips. Hope that helps.

So positive trim?

Yes, that’s at least what I use and that’s what is used in IF’s tutorials.

My advice is to find takeoff and landing profiles which give you v speeds and flaps for specific aircraft you can find them here or on google, personally I prefer google because google can give you a chart that can be more accurate and give you v speed for the aircrafts exact weight and conditions.

Another tip I have is use charts flightplan go is free and give you charts for every airport in the U.S. and Canada I don’t know if you are living in the U.S. or not or if you fly in the U.S. often but if you do flightplan go really helps and gives a more realistic feeling if you don’t have navigraph.

Third tip is if you really want to delve deep learn some of the systems for the specific and callouts this really helps give that realistic feeling and it can change the way you fly for specific aircraft. I have done it with the A320 and 737 family and it’s changed how I fly those planes a lot and to make it makes it more fun and rewarding

Fourth tip is briefings if you want to you can do briefings such as departure briefings takeoff briefing and approach briefing you can find some on google I’ll add one to here so you have something to go over in the arrival briefing


Step 1: Takeoff on a runway, NOT a taxiway
Step 2: Climb/descent as a appropriate vertical speed

But the runway usage on the replay might not be real time tho so i suggest u using the runway irl currently using for departure

Well, irl you don’t put your landing lights on until you are cleared to take off. At least that what my dad does and I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing

he’s a pilot btw

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