Realistic Experience; having ATC Robots for Approach and Center ATC

I have noticed that most of the time theres no approach and/or center ATC availables. Sometimes theres one, but you’re not sure how much expierenced he is, and if he is using real procedures to help you navigate.

I tried myself once to practice as an approach ATC in SOCAL and found it was a really difficult job, so many planes requesting vectors, some planes where going to airports out of the frequency bonds, etc, it was really difficult to find the appropriate calling in the list, and i noticed the only way to make it professional was having the approach plates for each airport and runway with me.

For the system is very easy to calculate vectors, having all the information available.

My suggestion for a SUPER REAL FLYING EXPERIENCE is:

Having Approach and Center ATC Robots, that will guide pilots with real aviation procedures, vectoring the pilots to the appropriate heights and IF (when approach).

I think it have lots of other benefits:

  • Pilots flying and learning real procedures
  • Avoiding ground obstacles when having low visibility.
  • ATC Tower can work more realistic procedures because airplanes are making a real approach procedure.

I want to congratulate developers for this awesome flight simulator.


It’s certainly an interesting idea, I’ve no idea how easy it would be for the devs to code though.I’m assuming it’s not going to be the easiest of jobs.

Generally you should find that the chaps looking after Approach and Center on the Advanced Server should know what they’re doing. The limitations come from managing the sheer volume of traffic in honeypot areas like SOCAL.

On X plane it exist so it is possible
On every airport where I control As an approach controller I first check the chart

Well there is a lot to discuss in this thread. As an advanced controller there are only a limited number of us that can control approach and center due to its complexity and demand. And as you stated above it is challenging with heavy traffic and pilots not understanding each frequency role. Another issue with implementing real world procedures is the actual ILS and the IF ILS don’t coin side. Example KSFO runway 28L if you look at the IF map the ILS starts at HERMAN, the actual ILS approach starts at DIVEC 12 NM further then HERMAN. So if I clear someone for the ILS approach at DIVEC at 7000 ft per the chart 95% of pilots in if wouldn’t know how to intercept the localizer there because it’s so far away from the IF approach cone. We are getting better with procedures everyday but there is still along way to go on our end and the pilot’s end to be able to impliment real world flight paths and approaches.

Here is that approach plate so you can see what I’m talking about

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I’m sure it is but XPlane is a large multi-platform piece of software with a fair bit of money and support behind it. IF is, with all due respect to the guys on the team, comparatively small. It won’t be a matter of switching on a button or activating a simple bit of code, there’ll be a significant amount of work to do behind the scenes.


I believe is easy. Having all the information is just an equation.

There is a product called pro-ATC ( for PC based sims which does exactly this so it is possible. I don’t know how feasible it would be to do something like that for IF though especially based on the hardware & OS limitations that need to be considered.

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I think you´re right about this. There are several ways i think it might be solved.

  1. The system could show on your map the different approach possibilities to enter the ILS of the runway selected.

  2. Just turn the frequency to tower, call for inbound and let the pilot ant Tower ATC do his best, just as it is working right now. Eventually some of the pilots and ATC will try to learn more about the right approach procedure for that runway.

But with your expierence as an Advance Controller, do you think the approach center robot ATC idea will help to make a more realistic game? at least for the Playground?


It may make it more realistic I just don’t know the practicality of it. If we did this why not just impliment the sid’s and stars instead. You would have to incorporate them to obtain this anyway. I think that would be more beneficial but that’s just my opinion.

Indeed, i think you nailed it.

In my opinion it’s nicer to talk to real people, this makes it more familiar :)

Coming in November…2017