Realistic engine sounds

Not all engines sound the same, so it will be nice if all the planes in Infinite Flight
get different engine sounds like:-

  1. B777-300er GE90-115B
    2)A380-800 RR Trent-900
    3)A320 IAE-V2500
    4)B787 GEnX vs RR Trent-1000
    5)B737 CFM-56-5B
    And many more…

Different engine sounds will be great additions to the game

P.S.-I searched up this topic and did not find it, so this is not a copy :)

Hey there. Feel free to vote in the feature request I’ve linked below. Thanks!


Hello! You might want or check out

In a #features request you should stick to one model of aircraft ;)

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I think you can find the topic here. I think this would be a repeat
Massive Engine Sound Overhaul

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If only it were that easy, haha.

Hey @phoenix006!

I’m sure the devs would love to do this, but they can’t simply take a YouTube video’s sound and put it into IF. There is a very expensive and extensive process of getting real, good quality sounds for an aircraft, therefore, not many have their own sound. Please vote for the feature request @CaptainZac and @Stellar_G listed above!

Hope you can understand, thanks!


Engine sounds take hours and hours to make. Right now, we have the standard sound you here on most aircraft. (That’s from the 737). We also different engines on the recently updated 777-200. While it’s definitely something that would improve the sim. It takes hours of work and lots of money. You can look at the threads linked above I’d you would like to vote. 🙃