Realistic door procedures

On the 777 which are the realistic doors to open for passenger boarding?

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1R would be Open for food services I believe.

But for Passenger Boarding, if it’s a jet bridge, 1L and 2L is normally used.

If it’s a remote gate, 1L and 5L(or whatever is last) is used I believe.


Passengers will almost always board on the left side of the aircraft. In case you’re interested, here’s a cool video explaining why.


And on Remote stands (I can’t spell)

It is 1L and 5L for passengers

1L for first / business class when 2L is available
2L for business / eco on capable gates
5L if airway is not used
1R (perhaps 2R too) for catering
5R for catering

I’ve seen this on a A330 of Brussels Airlines and I think it’s the same on the 777


For B777’s:

1L for First and Business Class
2L for Premium Econmy / Economy
5L for Staircase/boarding stairs used for Ground Crew / Cabin Crew / Dispatcher (Depends if the aircraft is on the Gate / Ramp).

1R / 2R and 5R are for Catering (Depends where are the gallery are)

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I always do:
1L if 2L is available.
2L if it is a jetbridge.
2R for Catering
5R or 4R for extras.
5L or 4L If not a jetbridge.

What i do is open (real procedure)


I do this
1L 2L for boarding
1R 5R for catering
5L for ground crews

I use 1R (catering), 2L (pax), and the two rear doors as well as cargo

Sounds like we had the same experience

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Yeah. it depends on the Airlines. Some uses 1 or 2 Jet Bridges.

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Normally I open door’s 1L, 1R, 2L, and 5L

95% of the time they only open door 2L and 2R for food catering although they may sometimes open door 1L if there is a second jetbridge available. The best thing to do is to find your gate on Google Earth and find how many jetbridges it has. Even though the gate may have 2 jetbrides it doesn’t necesarily mean both will be used. In this case doing a little research to maybe find a YouTube video of a trip-report of a flight from that airport will help to identify what doors you should open.

2L is for the Pax and not Catering. Catering, Fuel, cargo, and other services are mostly on the Right side. Left Side are for the Passengers (Boarding / deboarding).

1L and 2L depending on if the gate would have a jet bridge
1L, 2L, 5L if on remotes

and 1R and 5R for cargo

That’s exactly what I said. I think you misunderstood.

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maybe i did. hehe. . mybad

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