Realistic distances between airports when global comes out?

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for global flights to come out but when flying from New York JFK to London Heathrow for example will/would it be realistic distances because I’m pretty sure that my iPad couldn’t handle a 7 hour flight between the two airports without over heating . If anyone has any thoughts be sure to share them!


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I’m pretty sure you would need a cooler near you so the device won’t overheat because doing a 15hr flight is going to overheat mostly all devices.

I doubt it…

I really can’t wait for global but it’s just two problem my phone dying and possibly overheating and how I am going to occupy myself during the cruise : |

You can occupy yourself by trying to keep your phone from dying and overheating haha


Lol yeah true

i cant wait to see how many peoples phones break from this because your phones insides are going to get sunstroke LOL goodluck :)

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Maybe a “save flight in its current state” option could be a solution so you could fly a bit of your route turn off your device rest it (and yourself) and return once it has cooled down, unfortunately this wouldn’t work on live.


I’d say if there is a live upgrade and a single player upgrade your hooped in live but on single have a teleport to this part of the world or witch airport bla bla bla so you don’t have to fly for 13 hours from Dubia to Atlanta

Lol I’m putting an ice pack on my phone when global arrives

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I want them to make cruise speeds realistic (eg. Above land speeds are decided by the country who controls the airspace for most countries the rule is below Mach 1 and above the ocean it is whatever the plane can handle because that isn’t regulated by any country)

The issue regarding speed is not by country, but a restriction on supersonic flight over populated areas. The sonic booms generated can shatter windows, therefore supersonic flight is banned over landmasses with the possible exception of sparsely populated areas.

Some country’s allow supersonic flight


Definitely, as long they don’t fly over cities, or else the window repair companies are going to have a real busy year because every piece of glass got shattered. Countries like Russia can allow supersonic flight over the sparsely populated Siberian wilderness, Canada can allow for supersonic over its northern reaches, it can be allowed, but with restrictions.

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