Realistic “Direct To” Feature

Hmm… This would require RNAV for it to work. This definately is necessary, out of votes but you have my support

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Just bringing this up again.
This feature would be awesome, especially with Point Merge getting more and more popular this would be perfect.


Well if you click on a waypoint that’s in your flight and then click on the D with the arrow and the click “keep with flight plan” you can go direct to that waypoint

It is more helpful for the ATC side.

From reading the OP request that does what the OP wants.

I would guess that if there is a “direct to” feature for pilots that there would also be the option for ATC to tell a pilot to do so, however, you are right that this is only the request for the pilot side.

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So then what’s the point because I know this is for the pilot side and we already have this feature

We do not have this feature in Infinite Flight.
A direct two feature would mean that a plane flies to a waypoint directly and then rejoins the FPL. What we have in Infinite Flight currently is that the plane would automatically align with the next leg of the FPL, but this is not how it’s done in real life.


No we do have this right now let’s continue via pm

I don’t want it to delete the back end of my flight plan. I use IFOperations and I want the complete flight plan in the report at the end of my flight. I keep logs of all my flights because I like reusing the flight plans. I want to be able to skip a few points and fly from a present position to another waypoint in the most direct manner. There is currently no option for this, as of today.

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Fantastic feauture

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I completely agree. It would be nice to fly “directly” to a waypoint and then continue a flight plan without having to lose the back end of your flight plan or make a nonsensical turn to intercept an backwardly extended center line of that leg.

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Oh yes, I agree with that. 🙏

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But it deletes all previous waypoints, including departure airport. That’s something I’m trying to avoid.

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I’m all for this being a feature that ATC could use as well. There are times when point merge would help tremendously in Approach or Departure controlling and would make IF much more realistic.

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I know at least in a Cessna and aircraft has a G1000 cockpit it will delete previous waypoints as well

Fair enough. But that’s not what I’m proposing. This is a feature request. I’m asking to be able to fly Direct to a waypoint without deleting my flight plan. For example, “Direct with Abeams” in an Airbus.


I feel like the GA aircraft dislike me lol. I can butter the B787-10, but when I use the cessna I land rougher.

Is that even realistic?

Looks like it to me