Realistic “Direct To” Feature

My first feature request, so be gentle with me. I searched a lot for duplicates and only found one from an ATC perspective.

My feature request/suggestion is a more realistic “Direct To” feature. Currently, we can “Activate Leg” or fly direct to a waypoint choosing whether we want to keep or replace our flight plan.

Choosing “Keep Flight Plan” keeps the remaining flight plan already filed, but deletes the entire back end of the flight plan already flown.

Choosing “Replace Flight Plan” does exactly that. You now have one waypoint on your flight plan and it’s the one you just chose to fly direct to.

Choosing “Activate Leg” starts the airplane on an extended line of that leg. If the chosen waypoint is several hundred nautical miles away and at a different heading than I’m currently flying, the airplane will turn to intercept the extended line of that waypoint instead of that waypoint itself.

I would like to be able to fly from my current position directly to another waypoint and then continue my flight plan.

If this is a duplicate, do your thing and flag it. Otherwise, think about it and if you like it, vote.


I’m out of votes, but I think this is a must. Also, ATC should be able to tell you to go direct to a WPT.


I adamantly agree. I voted for that option when I came across it searching for duplicates before i posted this. Thanks for the affirmation!


It looks like another request was made back in June that’s similar to this. “Direct VOR/waypoint”

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Hey @United_Inc, can you please link the feature request?

Hey! That’s actually my features request!

You can find it here = Vectoring Command to VOR/Waypoint

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The name of that feature request is misleading tbh

Personally I prefer this one over the linked mainly because of the title, though that topic has more information in it.

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I think my features request is for ATC and his is for the FPL feature

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Ah yes, that sounds about right.

Though seeing as you created the linked topic, a small suggestion would be to change the phrasing of it from “Vectoring” to say something similar to “ATC ‘Direct to XXX’ command”

You can currently fly direct to a waypoint by opening the map, tapping on the point you want to go direct to, and clicking the D -> button. This will pull up an option to either keep or replace your current flight plan. Keeping your flight plan will still cycle to the points after the point you want to go direct to. While it deletes your previous waypoints, the whole point of this feature is to take your exact location on the map and send you direct to the point that you wish to go to.

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I think he knows how to go dct

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Right, the entire point of going direct to a waypoint is to take your present position whether on or off your filed route and go directly to your selected point. This is why previous points in your FPL are deleted and you’ll see your present position as “WPT”.

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I saw that when I searched for it. That appeared to be more from the ATC’s point of view. I mentioned it in my original post. I’m not concerned whether ATC can send it as a clearance or not. Most of the time I’m flying, I’m not under ATC control simply because the sim doesn’t have the much coverage. I’d still like to be able to skip a couple waypoints, to avoid traffic, for example.

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You got one of my votes for it, too. :)


All due respect, that doesn’t explain why the flight plan is deleted. I’d still like to keep my filed flight plan.

IF Operations makes a record of it at the end of my flight, and if a portion of it gets deleted en route, I’m not able to make an accurate record. I like to reuse flight plans that I’ve created and this is an easy way.

Nevertheless, thank you for the explanation. If nobody votes, then Darwin has spoken. :)

Currently, “Activate Leg” cause the aircraft to turn to intercept an extended line of that leg. This feature could easily be incorporated right there to cause the aircraft to proceed to the beginning of that leg rather than an extended line of that leg.


You can already proceed direct to a waypoint on the flight plan without it getting deleted.

Go to the map and click on your desired leg, and press “ACT. LEG”

Thank you for your input!

Have you tried this before? The aircraft doesn’t fly directly to that leg. It turns to and eventually does intercept an extended line of that leg and then flies toward that leg.

This feature request is asking for a feature that allows my flight to proceed DIRECTLY to a waypoint (and not an extended centerline of that leg) without deleting my files flight plan.

Again, thank you for your input.


Ah. I see what you are requesting. I do have an idea, though.

Look at my picture above.

Say you want to fly direct TEKEP. The plane will fly at the extended leg then to TEKEP like you said. A way to go around this would be to activate the next leg after TEKEP. That way the plane flies direct to TEKEP first!

This is a good feature request though. I really like the idea!

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I sincerely appreciate the involvement and discussion, so thank you!

What will happen if you try to active the leg to TEKEP is the aircraft will turn to intercept an extended centerline of that leg. I’ve edited your photo a bit (I hope that’s okay) in an effort to show you what I experience in game.

I have explored this in game quite a bit with attempting to find a workaround. I know the devs have more important things to focus on.

Here’s the edited photo:

The aircraft will turn from its present heading and intercept that red arrow, instead of flying the most “direct” route to that waypoint and then picking up that leg.



I just want you all to know…

I know our developers have a lot on their plates and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they’ve already given us. It’s more than I could ever expect from a sim of this caliber for this price. We’re lucky. And I’m aware of that.

Also, you’ll notice this is my first feature request. I know the developers want the best for their product just as we want (and HAVE) a wonderful product to use. So I’m fully confident in the fact that they’re going to provide as much realism as they can with the tools they have.

Project Metal should have a huge effect on the experience of this sim and I’d much rather them focus on that than on my feature requests, so I’ve held back until now. My only reasoning for posting this one is that is seems like a super easy fix. Just tweak the code so that the flight plan isn’t deleted when I choose “Keep Flight Plan”.

Just putting that out there. :)