Realistic Crashes

Right now if we crash, there is only an explosion sound and everything freezes and the screen says “crash!” But we should have realistic crashes, with splashes, fire, debris, and planes breaking apart. We should include airplane collisions with others in live. If we have ATC telling us to watch out for other planes, and there is no collision, what is the purpose? That’s why there should be collisions with other users so it can be game over to those who don’t watch out for incoming airplanes

The only problem is, live collisions with users could be abused a lot. We need to find a way to keep that from happening.

This may be a bad idea idk to be honest, brings realism to action, but can be abused and is not necessary, I just like realism

Whats so special about crashing… Anyways make sure to vote for your own request ;)

I would have voted but I used them up already…
Cool feature though.

This is a flying simulator, not a crashing sim. You show you’re skill by avoiding the crash. Do you seriously think FDS will spend ages making this…?

It’s quite hard and takes time. For what? Seeing fire all over the world in casual…?

Another problem is airports being closed because of two planes that clipped the wings.

I can understand you think it might be more realistic, but it won’t since the world will then be on fire and full of steaming hot metal tube. (And if you think it’s going to look more realistic on expert I don’t think so since no one will crash purposely there…)

Here is another topic that was made and a mod closed it. I really doubt they’re going to Implement this sorry.


Rip in training server

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You make a request then say this!!??🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️