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Firstly, apologies for adding this to the General category rather than to the Features section, for I am still a Basic user and not earned promotion to post in the said section. So, I ask for any seniors who are gonna be moderating my post before appearing to place it in the right place, maybe? Thank you.

Since over a year ago, the Infinite Flight has been awesome. Only very recently I have subscribed for Live and the multiplayer world is unmatched. I am into the ATC like crazy. And together with the most anticipated and soon arriving Global flight, IF is gonna be off limits. Really great effort and excellent work our beloved staff.

One thing that had been felt by me something little not up to the mark is the cockpit of the aircrafts. I am a kind of guy that likes and wants to take the parts of the flight, both taxiing, flight in the cockpit without the HUD. Maybe you are acquainted with the cockpit mode that’s available in the flight simulators by the RORTOS (especially the Extreme Landings, which I loved using because of that interactive cockpit it offers). They have this system wherein I know all the data even without the HUD, by simply turning around to look at the screens on the aircrafts assigned for showing you stuff like the altitude, alignment and all. And, there were pages within the cockpit, for engines (I have seen many users had asked for the engine starting mechanisms in the Features section), for A/P, Fuel Jettison and other stuff, and light systems (the present lighting systems in the aircrafts have some minor drawbacks like taxi lights and the much brighter and large spread landing lights not illuminating the ground so much and the strobes aren’t bright to be seen from the ATC tower, so sometimes it was hard for somebody like me at the Tower to know whether the aircraft is really entering the runway or waiting in the taxi line, so I have to go for the double tap camera mode to see the particular aircraft so, like I said, I like to be more realistic in flight and the ATC, so I just do things like the real world pilots and ATCs do, I mean, they don’t taxi with their camera overhead or ATCs don’t get to see aircrafts all the time with binoculars!) and also with the taxiway lights which would be a lot helpful to those who love to give a go at their flight in the dark.

I had been thinking since that, if the IF had that kind of cockpit and the better fixes, it is gonna be perfectly unmatched and acquires an ultimate status among all the flight simulators on the market.

Of course, the Global is arriving soon and I can’t be more excited, so probably the features I had mentioned here may have to wait for a later update after the recent arriving one. But, I would be so glad if the IF is made complete any time sooner and I won’t be turning to other apps ever again.

Thank you, and again, you people are wonderful. Couldn’t thank more for keeping us gamers excited.



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Thanks very much, Luke.