Realistic Cockpit Animations

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Before I kick off, i just want to say, No, this is not what you think it is.
Have you ever noticed how in real life, when you are speeding down the runway, about to rotate, how the aircraft shakes and rattles, this also happens in the cockpit, but not in infinite flight.
Here, let me show you.

As you can see, is this video, on touchdown, the aircraft rattles. I will now show you a clip of the landing in an A320 in Infinite Flight

See the difference, Surely it isn’t hard to develop, just add rattling sounds and a bit of a camera shake?

easy to say, difficult to do

I agree it would be nice to have some camera movements and sound effects. Now the Cockpit view is just like the HUD view with an additional layer. I think that with the CRJ update we might see an actual improvement. There’s something telling me that the Cockpit of the CRJ is going to be interesting. That’s just me speculating though. Anyway, as I said I like the idea. Sadly I’m out of votes. I hope other people have some left.

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Look, i’m no coder, but with the work IF devs produce, this shouldn’t be hard. Just like the scenic view, but in the cockpit and its randomized to shake, and actually,there already is a rattle, it just isn’t loud enough.

Sounds like a good idea.
This would make landing and takeoff more realistic.
If this feature were to be added, heavies (777, A380, 747 etc.) would be rattling a lot more than smaller planes.
Sadly I’m out of votes but I try and clear one for this.

Edit: Just cleared an unnecessary vote

If you actually pay close attention to the If landing, you will notice a squeaky noise in the background, of something moving, but it is not loud enough, they could adjust the volume of that audio file, and add a few more.

Fact The rattling on takeoff in real life is caused by the plane accelerating over the runway lights, causing the bumps.

Seems to me like a great idea, i like it 👍
Will see if i can find any unnecessary vote to remove, for this one.

Edit: Voted!

Alright my bad, I misunderstood.
I thought should have be the same as the first video above.
Yeah you mean like the G force the hard landing you made the camera will shake harder.
the cockpit should shake a bit even if you are taxing.

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Oh, I know what you mean. On my last flight, UA808, the pilot totally jellied that landing

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Just bumping as I feel it’s really needed.

My logic is that if they can do wingflex then they can do this. But any this is one of this things that would definitely get put on the back burner to other projects

Look, i’m no scripted, But surely there isn’t much coding in making rattling sounds louder and adding a few more and modifying the camera so that it shakes after touchdown depending on your fpm?