Realistic Center borders for Global

When global comes out, Center frequencies will be used a lot more. The usage of the Center frequency until now has been quite restricted, since the regions are really too small for Center to have any real effect.

However, global changes all of this. I’m not sure if this is planned or not, but I’d love for Center to have realistic jurisdiction areas. This is open on the internet, so it would just be to incorporate real life procedures.

Below is a picture of how the US is divided into 20 ARTCC's.

Due to the incredible increase in surface area for pilots to fly on, controllers could have the option to open more than one ARTCC (how many would need to be decided when global is released, judging by the amount and density of traffic).


Great idea. I love to see these ideas coming out of the features category. Keep the ideas coming.

Some of those are big areas. Lots of planes to control.


Problem will be the afk and lnav flying.


How this will be solved is something I am not sure of. On VATSIM, you aren’t allowed to be AFK for more than 30 minutes. Personally I think that’s the solution for IF as well. You should be able to follow ATC instructions when flying long haul. Or else you don’t need ATC. What’s the point of being online and ensuring separation when all aircraft are AFK? If you want that, go fly on casual.

However, this isn’t my call. Maybe that’s setting too high of expectations, maybe there are other solutions.


shared cockpit hehe :D


Look here,interesting stuff,I’m sure we need some tutorials when GF come up.


NAT-Tracks - sure. However they change daily and is primarily used because the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t got radar coverage. Another question is if we are going to implement Oceanic frequencies (Shanwick, Gander etc). But this is more for say, flying across the US continent…

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As you say more than one centre should be able to access, I think to make it easier is that you open two centres next door to each other, to handle a larger area. Also maybe having dark lines to mark the boundaries of where ATC frequencies go to in the map so you know when to change

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That’s what I meant. :)


I made a topic about this too.


This is a good idea, and I hope it gets added.


What exactly is the problem?

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Yeah, that’s asking too much for sure.

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Why, if I may ask? What’s the fun of flying when you’re not even there? The whole point of flying long haul is that you have to schedule a time when you’re free! Taking off, following the progression. Maybe screenshotting a fly-by once in a while.

Another thing is controllers. As I said, it’s not fun for ATC when the pilots in your jurisdiction isn’t there. You cannot do anything, you’re simply an observer. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I would control less if the only thing I could do is send on guards without response, witnessing two airplanes collide with each other because neither of them is there.

And what if you forget your tablet? What if you don’t make it back home on time? Maybe you’re in a busy airspace, but you’re not even there. Is it then okay to ghost?

Sure, you can be as long away as you want when you fly solo. But what’s the point of flying online, if you’re offline?


Grinding XP.

I’ll wager that a huge part of the time spent on developing Global is preserving the integrity of the overall ecosystem and making sure IF stays fun and fair for everyone.

FDS is wise to roll this out carefully and with lots of input from the user community. The user community and online experience are the silver bullet that makes IF stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Therefore these AFK/LNAV and XP issues are almost certainly in the forefront of their minds - the last thing they want to do is roll out a change that upsets the core of what makes the product work well - the customers themselves.

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Exactly… And if you’re doing long haul flights for the sole purpose of getting a brown tag – that isn’t exactly a good thing. Which is why I believe a 30 minute AFK limit, with the option for ATC to refuse said limit if you think action needs to be taken in those minutes.

“Delta 24 97 requesting leave for 15 minutes”

>"Delta 24 97, 15 minute leave is approved"


“Delta 24 97, negative, stand by for further instructions”.


…therefore the brown tag won’t be so special anymore. As I said, I’ll bet there’s a massive rules overhaul in the offing that’s taking a big slice of the development time. I like that they’re being careful and taking their time.

I love the idea of realistic Center handling for live humans LOL…

Here’s this from Laura’s social media, which I’m sure you’ve seen before:


Atlanta, New York, and Chicago Centers will be busy if the actual center limits are implemented IF needs to open up multiple ATC center slots for centers.

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Mats leave the NAT tracks alone as the reason they change daily isn’t because of non radar. As for he rest of the questions… Laura made it clear that global is still on its infancy and these questions you guys ask repeatedly aren’t going to get answered!

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Yeah I know, but as I’ve understood it, the reason they’re there is party because the Atlantic isn’t radar covered, to make it easier for oceanic…

And I haven’t seen a post with my question, that’s why I made it…