Realistic callsigns for each airline

It would be great if there would be a list which shows you the format of callsigns for each airline.
This is related to this topic, I created earlier.

It looks like ATC prefers callsigns depending on the chosen livery.
I wouldn’t know how callsings are formatted for many airlines.
To get it as realistic as possible it would be nice to have a list you can quickly scan to be able to create a realistic callsign to fit the livery you’d like to fly in.

Is there such a list or other resource that can be checked.

You could always try to find callsigns on FlightRadar24, but that’s a hassle if you like to switch liveries quickly.

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I thought that the list of the call signs on the app explane it fairly well?

for example if you select a British Airways b777, select British Airways ( Speedbird), then a flight number of your choice followed by Heavy ( as its a B777).

Point of intrest is that outbound flights from an aircraft bases normally have an odd number whilst inbound are an even number. Example Qantas 81 Heavy is a B767 flight from YSSY -WSSS whilst Qantas 82 Heavy is the return flight.

As he said, it would have to be for time’s sake. On top of that, I can’t change my callsign in the menu after making a flight, but I can when in a flight after one.

I have the same problem.

Actually the way to get around that is to refresh your app. You can change your callsign before flying and it allows your device to take a quick breather so you are less likely to have an app crash on lower end devices.

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