Realistic Burbank Flyout | DEPARTED

having beef in IFC is even crazier 💀

No its not that its just really weird why someone would copy you bio word for word

Alright i just departed out guys and its a fun event

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Made it to Sacramento thanks guys

Created a spotting video on this event.

Featured users: @Mort @GenAv_IF @Prestoni @ODFly @RedWolf @Pete_Reagan and @Kai11

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nice, thanks for making this!

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sorry, fell asleep,

It was at that moment he knew…

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I think it was a replay issue

No I saw it during the Flyout 😂

Oh dang lol

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Chief pilot wants to see you when you get to MSP


Still headed for DTW!

Oh wait I thought that was you, but you’re in the execjet lol

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Not gonna @ him but that was Mort…

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It was

Didn’t tail strike I don’t think.

Here’s what is looks from my replay.

Heh… not quite a tailstrike.

Also I wasn’t going to MSP, it was a DLH charter

Huh your replay is probably the most accurate

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Maybe he meant after?

did you get my landing lol