Realistic Burbank Flyout | DEPARTED

Gate B5 please.

i know i was just on ATIS i am almost there

alright i am now cleared to land and i will be down soon so i will depart soon also.

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Airborne for Duluth! Thanks for the ATC @Butter575 !

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Alright whoever crossed runway 8 without permission, this is a professional Flyout… it’s all good I guess 😂

@American367 What were you doing when i was taking off, you were basically on runway 15 and we almost collided but all good. Great event @RedWolf and thanks for the ATC @Butter575. @RedWolf may i share some of my events?

Sure thing.

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Check out some of my events

Alright i landed and about to push

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I mostly want people to join my Toncontin fly in/out or my Oregon group flight

Thank you all for attending! Thanks @Butter575 for ATC. Catch you all in my next event!

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Sorry I am a noob at taxing and I cannot attend anymore im sorry @Prestoni

Huh but you were at this event

I know but something came up

Im so confused

Sorry everyone

You say you cant attend the event you just attended

or they just… want to fly from burbank and aren’t associated with the event

Ain’t no way 😂

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Did you see it