Realistic Burbank Flyout | DEPARTED

I’m gonna have to cancel due to a conflicting event irl

Copy that I took you off.

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Can I change to gate B4?

You have been changed!

Everyone please spawn at 1520Z or earlier! No later! Expected pushback to takeoff time is 20-25 minutes.

What time is that? (EST)

That is 10:20 AM EST.

i may not be able to attend

That’s all good 👍

@BenjiTheBull @United403 @Prestoni @anon87523340 @RagonDragon @ODFly @Mort @DJW @American367 @Butter575 @BP-Aviation @GenAv_IF @Lingling89 Event is tomorrow! As stated in the rules, spawn a 1520z or earlier, expected taxi time is 20-25 minutes.


@RedWolf I can no longer attend

Copy that I’ll take you off.

I can no longer attend sorry

Sorry that im late but can I have that to:
Arrival Airport: Las Vegas (KLAS)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 (Southwest Airlines, Illinois One Livery)

i can try to land that time

Sorry I was asleep but I got you down!

not positive if i can join

Alrighty. 👍

i can no longer attend

Can’t wait to fly some folks up to Duluth!

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Taking you off shortly, it would have been better if you would’ve told me earlier though…