Realistic Boarding/Fuel/Cargo

Hey Guys!
how nice would this be?

You go to the wieghts tab, lets say we went to Fuel, and you put in the amount of fuel you would like, click a New Button that says “Fuel Up” click it, and the fuel will be put into the aircraft at a realistic speed
same with the passengers
and cargo

this will more realistic for the simulator and for everybody experience

this will only work on Training Server, Or The Expert Server
C Server And Solo it will just do what we have now, instant refuel


0KG of fuel to Full Tanks
around 30 mins

same for passengers and cargo

so you would put in fuel, passengers and cargo, click the button
and the MAXIMUM wait will be 30 mins, min is around 15

fell free to put in a vote for this, because this took me a week to think of something that I would like in infinite flight that people would enjoy

Thanks For Reading!

I like the idea, maybe an option for those who are eager to fly 😉

Sorry this is a duplicate.

Please vote for it here.


that one does kind of represent this one
however this one does say more information to it, and my topic also says servers that it will work at

also he/she suggests 3D objects to go with it, like passengers that need cabins
this one just suggests the fuel/passengers/cargo @InfiniteFlightGeek

Just noticed that. This topic can go on.

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Trn and Es are more or less the more realistic server/ better fuel workings

However this feature will not work on C server and Solo :)

Duplicate topic. Concept is the same as linked topic by @InfiniteFlightGeek. Neat idea though!