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As you may all know, in Infinite Flight we have an advanced autopilot system that includes Approach Mode! And most of us know how smooth the APPR actually is and how detailed it works to getting us to the runway. Well in Infinite Flight most of us know as well how unrealistic the APPR can be. The APPR is not supposed to yank up randomly when established instead of following the glideslope. I have also taken into consideration that this APPR that we currently have can lead to missed approached and in worse cases passengers being unhappy if you are a serious sim pilot. What I propose is that the APPR be reworked or touched and made more realistic. This can be used for when you are landing at night and if you fly realistically then you arm it and disarm it about 500ft above and so on, also can be used for bad weather visibility either during day or night. Yes, there might be other things bigger than the APPR needed in the game right now but, this should not take a lot of time considering it is a small little button and does not require a lot of time like other aircraft or things implemented into the game. This would really help the game be more realistic and stop causing planes to unrealistically just yank up and nose dive into the ground. Let’s try and get this touched on if you really fly realistically or even if not and just for fun but use the APPR but would like it to work right.

(There are no duplicates for this feature request)

Hmm. I would agree that it needs to be a bit smoother. It once almost stalled me out.


I don’t see many things being more important than the functionality of the aircraft, namely Auto Land.

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I see where you are coming from…
Just make it not do stupid stuff and have a better crosswind system


Exactly! Having this would make the autoland so much easier to control. That way when you are ready for manual you don’t have to worry about being all messed up.


A lot of the time, the issues you have mentioned above are a result of pilot error…
It’s not the software’s fault if you haven’t correctly lined up with the ILS. Yes sometimes it’s aggressive and over compensates, but once you get the hang of using the system, it’s quite easy to use.

You also mention it being just a little button… There is a surprising amount of effort needed by IF to achieve the auto land system, as the aircraft has to calculate it’s bank angles and descent correctly to even lign up with the runway, and that’s before we get to the actual landing in itself.


I’m a VATSIM pilot and there is no way in life that when I activate APPR it does that. It just needs to be reworked that’s all


I’ll give you a tip: whenever you want to use the APPR, don’t just press the button on final, allign with the Glideslope perfectly and then activate it, it can be annoying sometimes i get it, but theres a little tip to make it not stall you out, but this would be handy indeed! ;)

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The sudden climb/descent isn’t so bad if you are already on glidescope but I agree it needs a rework!

…wouldnt be surprised if devs are already working on it…


This is not a problem of the system, it doesn’t miss the approach , it simply follows the glideslope and their numbers, if this data is not aligned with the runway, you may land not exactly on the centerline.

The airport editing team is constantly working and investing their free time into solving these problems for free.

But I agree that it could be a bit smoother, maybe with the whole A/P rework

Almost stalled you out, its stalled me out like 5 different times

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Trust me im always lined up and I never use APPR on live but when i train and practice on solo it just does not simplybactivate as “quickly” as you say it does

Lets just hope in the future it comes!

I mean the only reason it can lead to missed approach its because of how high it brings you before diping so eventually you will be to high after being to alligned

I think APPR should also take into consideration the terrain around different airports. Voted!!!

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That’s the angle;-)
Most of the times its 3°, though sometimes (I.e. EGLC) the surrounding terrain is taken right in the angle ;-)

I appreciate it! Thx for the vote. Hope to see this get voted and yes implimented with Terrain around airports. :)

Yea some airports have steeper approaches than others so it would be so much better

It’s simply… the MD-11/DC-10 APPR is the best in IF. Just take it and put it into all planes’ database…

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