Realistic Airspace

Hey everyone! Infinite Flight’s airspace needs an update. Currently, airspace consists of either 1, 2, or 3 rings around airports with different ceilings for each however as we know, airspace in real life don’t look like that at all! Most airspace is designed to uniquely to fit the needs of an airport, whether it be to ensure terrain clearance for inbound and departing aircraft, manage aircraft around airports within close vicinity of each other, or another reason.
This is what a more realistic approach to airspace would look like:

Adding realistic airspace would make so much of a difference and would take Infinite Flight a long way to making it more realistic. I can’t stress this enough. Also, it seems like it wouldn’t take too much effort to implement although I’m not a developer so I’ll stop there. Let me know what you guys think!"

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Got my vote; realism is always the way. I suggest we could also have a slightly tilted view (like on Google earth 3D) that shows the layers of airspace and heights.

P.s vote for it yourself!


I already did that!
Also, I like that idea of the tilted map.

I fully support any aspect of IF that adds to realism. My immediate thought was “heck, we can’t even get pilots on the expert server to taxi properly”. My second thought was much more productive, I think those serious pilots and the majority of the IFC will appreciate this addition. Excellent idea, both of you.


Ahh, it didn’t load 👍

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Would be nice to have for sure :)

it might be quite difficult to add it to all the airports in Global tho.


Shoot you got my vote. Like the idea.


MaxSez: You could always use a RW Sectionals Charts Legions color coding scheme. But any change no matter how simple would be a little to complex for the Fledglings. I prefer the IF KISS system.

(Understanding a Sectional Chart is 1 step closer to a PPL)


I don’t believe the addition of realistic airspace would be too complex for people unfamiliar with airspace. I like how currently, airspace turns green when you’re in it. I think keeping that feature or something similar along with an update like this would still be keeping it simple while making it more realistic!


I like the idea of this, hopefully it gets added into a future update, I would have voted but I ran out.


I definitely want to have this added. This has earned by vote!