Realistic Airports!

The airports in Infinite Flight are pretty OKAY. And the realism of Infinite Flight airports can impact the game very much by some minor changes.

For example, KLAX in IF is pretty basic. Every airport has the same all black runway, gray taxiways, and green grass. Some airports in real life have way more than that. Look at KLAX in real life.

Look how beautiful this is. You don’t really see any green grass, it’s mostly just a brown, dried out grass (or whatever). And the runways are definitely not all black. The runways are a grayish type color, with some black streaks in the middle. And the parking spaces are more of a lightish gray. These things are just some simple things that Infinite Flight’s KLAX doesn’t have.

Come on IFAE. You’ve done some amazing airports, but I think there’s just a little much that was left out.

  • Remodel these airports!
  • They’re pretty fine the way they are.

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We airport edit in our free time. WED only gives us so much now. We can’t do everything…


WED? What is that?

The program we use to edit the airports.

World Editor

Instead of adding everything into the game itself would it not be easier to create somethin like a download patch that the user chooses. That way if you have a boeing fan that wants realistic buildings then he can ditch all the other aircraft and and realistic runways and have that. Just useing those as examples.


Not only airports!! We need everything in IF more realistic more pragmatic as FSX we want IF more better !!

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Isn’t it just tragic that the airport editing team can’t get every single molecule of the airport perfect? C’mon, this is kind of ridiculous.


It’s not just a limitation of WED or laziness of airport editors. You need to remember all this crap needs to take as little storage space and memory as possible since this is on a mobile device.

Do I think some new textures could be added with minimal impact, sure. It’s just when you add one thing after another your could keep going on forever and run into performance issues. I think the devs are doing a good job of making sure things work pretty well before releasing and are methodical in what they choose to implement.


One week the grass could be green the next brown. It depends week to week, month to month. And I’m sure they don’t have every single color available to them, and remember, be thankful they are there, they don’t get a reward except the pride of doing it!

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@hmkane I’m thankful, but I’m just saying.

The thing about the dirt, doesn’t render yet. Dirt, Snow and Grass render as Concrete currently (About Grass runways, those are transparent runways on WED).

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Sorry, I didn’t know there was a specific system that you guys used to actually edit the airport that limits how much you edit. Oops.

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The problem is, we have to deal with old crappy Bing Maps Overlays into WED. We can only make things perfect if we zoom in all the way, but the maps get too pixelated and we wouldn’t want to zoom in completely on every single part of an airport like KLAX :)


Remodeled KPSP? Depending on how nice it looks, I might just start filing flight plans to there more often! :)


Since the topic is about KLAX, this is it on WED :)


I know! That’s why I can’t stand it when people complain!


Contrary to popular belief, there’s actually a lot you can do in WED. Here’s an example:


As you can see, a building, jet bridges, cargo vans, and grey color under the taxi line is present. However, these won’t render in Infinite Flight because the developers haven’t made graphics for them yet.

The reason why they haven’t made graphics yet is because of performance issues, just like AR stated. Maybe when the PC version is released, we’ll have some more airport features. :)


I think our LAX is good as of now given what is possible with WED or whatever. The only thing I see missing is taxi lights (which isn’t possible yet) and the green parts on the side (not possible yet)…

You’re more than welcome to join if you want to add all this stuff “we left out”. Good luck :)