Realistic Airbus Cockpit

In real life, Airbus cockpits have functions on the PFD connected to the autopilot, sidestick and thrust levers. For example, when the plane is on the ground, when the pilot moves the stick to test the controls, there is a little cross on the display that shows the deflection. Also, on final, when the plane is about (but not yet) to intercept the ILS, the Approach window on the PFD will light up blue, instead of green. One final feature is that when a real Airbus uses Flex thrust for take-off, the FMS will tell the pilot to enter the temperature and set the N1, and this is not included in the simulator.
Kindly could some of you make this feature to come along with one of the 2021/2022 updates?

These would require a complete rework of the aircraft system which I’m not expecting to come soon.