Realistic AAR

Hello everyone! I’ve just thought of that when doing AAR.

A more realistic way to refuel will be nice.

What new features am I requesting (Refueling soft rework)

  • Bloom better render
  • Ability to lock on Refueler Heading
  • Realistic fuel loss when refueling (Aircraft that’s refueling should lose fuel during AAR.)
  • Bloom Drag

Whta do you guys think?

This is not realistic though. AAR operations are hand-flown.

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I like the idea of a lock on when doing a midair refuel. I also think that fueling and loading passengers shouldn’t just be sliding a switch. You should preset how much you want and it should slowly load similar to real life. If that makes any sense. Kinda like X-Plane or FSX.


It depends. It is a lot harder to hand fly a refuel in IF than in real life. Different network connection might lag or appear slower making it harder to keep in lone with the tanker.


But he’s asking for “realistic AAR”. I’m saying that AAR is hand-flown, you don’t “lock on” to anything. :) And yes, you are very correct with the package delay (i.e. ‘stuttering’) would cause a havoc of problems. Not to say that 95% of the people here wouldn’t actually be able to AAR, because it is a really really difficult operations. It’s basically one of the most dangerous things you can do in flight.


I understand your point @Mats_Edvin_Aaro but I want it to be realistic on some points and easier to do on others.
Added the Bloom Drag :)

Bumped, that would be great for AAR and military Ops like GAF etc…Would be great to have this features.

@Nono45_FR… MaxAsks: late on this but; What’s a “”Bloom Drag”? Or do you mean a “Drogue”?
G’day Max

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Hey there Max, I meant like you know, landing gears creates drag and we have to increase power to keep speed.
If boom is deployed, it will creates drag too.


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MaxSez: Got it, minimal drags operating boom unit is “”Winged” and steerable by the operator. The boom itself is purposely designed and aerodynamically stable. (road a tanker from Hawaii to Texas once.
Drug a broke F-4 to California for maintenance, Tanked every 2 hours all the way. Boom operator let me lay with him and observe all the way. Believe me the Boom is maneuverable and stable with minimal effect on stability even in high cross winds aloft.)
Regards, Max

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I’ll run through each point individually…

Bloom better render - the boom renders quite well already, the colours are stepped like that so the pilots in the receive can count soon to ensure good contact is maintained.

Ability to lock on Refueler Heading - completely unrealistic as previously mentioned, we hand fly AAR for safety reasons.

Realistic fuel loss when refueling (Aircraft that’s refueling should lose fuel during AAR.) - what’s the point in losing fuel, when being refuelled? A boom transfers approx 3500lbs a minute, I promise you - no aircraft in the world burns fuel at such a high rate, barring a space shuttle on launch, maybe 😂.

Bloom Drag - it doesnt create enough drag to be noticable. So irrelevant.

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So you destroyed litterally my request lol
About the Fuel burn, KC10 will be losing fuel because it will transfer to the aircraft being refueled?

Now I am following. So the tanker does indeed effectively transfer it’s own fuel and lose ‘play time’ which decreases its Instantaneous transfer. The issue with IF is, the tanker doesnt have the ability to stop people refueling, so if you’re maxing the range of the aircraft then you will run out of fuel if someone decides to come take some fuel.

It would work nicely if you could add in that if the boom is retracted, no transfer happens.

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