Realistic 737 landings? (Sorted out)

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I love the 737, but when I land the aircraft, it often results in a tailstrike, this is due to my flare, but without the flare, I just stall to the ground (obviously) the problem I realised, is due to the fact that infinite flight landing gear is too low, and similar with other aircraft such as the a330, without tilted landing gear, the aircraft can’t perform a realistic landing. With the 737, the landing gear is compressed, as it is on the ground, and when you watch 737s landing in real life, you will notice that the gear is hanging a bit, and gets compressed down once it is on the ground. Until this feature is altered and sorted out by the wonderful developers, I was wondering:

How to I achieve a realistic (non tailstrike) landing on a 737 (any type)

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do a smaller flare dont forget the landing gear is shorter on the 737 compared to for example the a320

You are only increasing pitch attitude by about 3-5 degrees for a 737-800 for the flare.

I fly the 737 the most and never have this problem. Trying a higher approach speed coupled with less of a flare. On the 900 it’s known for having a slightly harder touchdown due to the tailstraike risk and not being able to flair as much.

Keep your nose level (not pitching up or down) on the horizon using the HUD. adjust speed to keep your descent rate where you want it. At 30-50 feet flare (i always flared at 50 and it was too soon, 30 works perfect for me). Kill the throttle and try to keep the descent rate greater than -300/250 fpm. -150 is ideal.

Thanks Thomas, I’m pretty sure in real life on landing the gear is taller, I’ll put in a link if I can to a video which shows this

Thanks Mp349, I have tried landing at 150 which just seems unnatural, what speed and method would you recommend?

What nose up pitch have you got when landing?

Hi ATK, nothing irregular, just enough to achieve a smooth landing of the likes of something like an a320

This picture shows how the infinite flight 737-800 landing gear is considerably shorter than the real one, could this be a possible future feature to add, and prevent tail strikes?


The landing gear is the correct height. The camera angles on those pictures are different, so it LOOKS shorter.

Landings with 737’s shouldn’t be too soft. In fact, they can’t be too soft. The 737 has WOW mechanisms, so it needs a certain pressure on the gear to deploy things like speed brakes and auto brakes.

You shouldn’t pitch up more than a couple degrees, right before touchdown.

Do you have some screenshots or a video to show your landing? Then it’s much better to see what you might be doing wrong.

Also, does this belong in #support? It isn’t really a support-related topic, but more a landing tip-related topic.

Hello, I just tried a 737-700 landing which was faultless, completely different to the -800, here’s an image of landing at 135kts;

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Beautiful landing btw.

Hi everyone,
I just noticed the weight was 67,000 which is a bit too heavy, so I tried the weight on normal, and now it’s perfect! Thanks for everyone’s help :)


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