Realistic 737-900 Weights

Why Should The 737-900 Be Reworked?

Infinite Flight 737-800 vs Infinite Flight 737-900

Specification 737-800 737-900
Max Passengers 32,084 lbs/189 Pass. 32,084 lbs/189 Pass.
OEW (Empty Weight) 80,689 lbs 80,689 lbs
MZFW (Max Zero Fuel Weight) 131,310 lbs 131,310 lbs
MTOW (Max Takeoff Weight) 174,170 lbs 174,170 lbs
MLW (Max Landing Weight) 146,275 lbs 146,275 lbs
Max Fuel Capacity 46,068 lbs 46,068 lbs

So, as you can see, they are identical. The only difference between the two in Infinite Flight are the aircraft length and their liveries. Let’s look at the real life specifications.

Real Life 737-800 vs Real Life 737-900

Specification 737-800 737-900
Max Passengers 189 Pass. 220 Pass.
OEW (Empty Weight) 90,710 lbs 93,680 lbs
MZFW (Max Zero Fuel Weight) 138,356 lbs 149,299 lbs
MTOW (Max Takeoff Weight) 174,200 lbs 174,200 lbs
MLW (Max Landing Weight) 146,275 lbs 157,299 lbs
Max Fuel Capacity 46,297 lbs 46,297 lbs

Now, you can see that Infinite Flight got the MLW of the 737-800 perfectly, but the rest are close enough for my standards (except for the operating empty weight). Now, Infinite Flight’s 737-900 is far from realistic, here are the things that need to be done to it:

  • Increase the aircraft PAX count by 31 more passengers
  • Increase the OEW weight by 12,991 lbs
  • Increase the MZFW (Max Weight − Max Fuel Capacity) by 17,989 lbs
  • Increase the MLW by 11,024 lbs

Overall, the 737-900 could use a few more liveries, which can be used in different feature requests, and there could be an option for having split schimitars on different liveries that both do and do not have them.

Thank you for reading this topic, and I hope you now understand how this is different from the 737 Rework.


The Boeing 737 Technical Site

Well all of this would be corrected if the whole 737 series gets reworked.

Not necissarily. And none of this info was included in the 737 Rework page.

Well because its a whole rework. Yes not that much info is on there mainly because it was created quite some time ago when there werent any feature request requirements. However a 737 rework would fix this issue.

It is a fair point, you have my support, but not my vote

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Just asking, was this moderator-approved?

Also, all you are asking for is to change the specifications, correct? Not the actual physics or anything?

No, but I can tell that a moderator has been here because some off-topic messages and replies to them have been deleted.

Yes, just the specifications. The physics might need a slight change with the addition of more weight.

interesting! I don’t often fly the -900, but I think these are all minor improvements, and I don’t see how they will contribute to the B737 itself…

I think this is based for all variants including the Boeing 737-900. The full “Family rework”.

Wish I could vote for this (ran out of votes)

But you have my full support

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I bookmarked this. Great feature request! When a feature is added on one of my already voted feature requests—I’ll have a vote to use. I honestly like the 737-900. I’m really looking forward to seeing the 737-10 max in real life too. (Yes I know that’s off topic— I like Boeing so 💁‍♂️)


The 737-900 is fine in my opinion; it just recently got scimitar winglets and wing flex. The developers should only work on reworking aircraft that are in dire-need of a refresh for now. 👌

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The team won’t look at this because they would rather work on the whole family instead of just one aircraft in the family.

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This seems… interesting. Hope the devs think of this if they decide to rework the 737 family. I know a lot of airlines operate the 737-900 with more than 189 seats. I guess I’ll leave a vote.

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