Hello today I was reading what @BigBert10 said

On this topic

And this made me wonder, can someone help me prepare for flights such as how to get good charts of how to approach”Depart” because I want to follow what they do in RL

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Just google “[ICAO] charts.”

2 Likes has the best departure charts.

The best way is to go on FlightAware, copy the routing found on the bottom right of a flight, plug it in to Simbrief, convert the FPL to be IF friendly using @Chris_S’s software, then plug it into IF

That’s how I get all of my realistic plans

To get airport charts, you can go on and look up the ICAO of your departure and arrival airports

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Thanks it can be closed

One more tip: if you want to depart/land realistically, stay away from IFATC-controlled airports because they would most likely not use realistic procedures


Absolutely right… They would deviate from real life procedures

I use for my flight plans. they have an option to format for Infinite Flight
I use fuel for fuel calculations.
Tip: Don’t bother with SIDs and STARs as IFATC will vector you as needed for traffic flow and irl, ATC issues you a SID/STAR anyway (not up to pilots).

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Use charts. Such as:


Not all airports we fly to sometimes have an active ATC; so complying with SIDs and STARs would add much more realism to the flight…

He meant when flying in/out of an airport with active ATC. If there’s no ATC, you’re of course free to add whatever SID/STAR you wish.

Yep. I always use vau aéro:) has charts for most US airports, and is a neatly organized website.

Website format: Code)

that is a fair statement. in that case, google is your best source for SIDs and STARs. I use when it’s in the US.

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All of these sites listed are great recommendations and yes if you want to be more realistic avoid the IFATC. Happy flying

For my side; no need for Google since i have all the required charts but the waypoints in charts are not existing in the simulator’s navigation data base, so when you use the FPLTOIF website to generate a flight plan you’ll get the coordinates for those waypoints and sometimes they’re not accurate…

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