in real aviation, 07R, 07L, 06R and 06L in LAX are never used for take off or landing. First of all please tell me why! Second, to make the game more realistic, I feel like they should do the same! But I’m curios to know why this is!?

It really depends on the wind…

RWY’s 24L/R and 25L/R might be used for 90% of the time, but if there’s any tailwind 06/07 will be used…


Exactly the first thing that came to my mind. The wind often blows inland at the coast which will mean RWY24R/L and RWY25R/L will be used often if not always.

THANK YOU!! I live in LA and I’ve flown LAX too many times to count. I’ve seen this error in IF and was waiting for someone to say something.


But why don’t they just have 6R/L and 7R/L in red and then 24L/R and 25R/L in green! Those runways should be the only ones available! Now if the weather is an issue that’s a different storie! But in general they should have 6R/L and 7R/L off limits! I’ve never seen an aircraft land over the water or take off over land in LAX!

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I’ve controlled LAX several times that the wind was favorable for 06/07 are you telling me I’m wrong in using them and you would rather takeoff and land with a tailwind of 10 kts or better?

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06/07 are often in use in the mornings, aren’t they?

No they are not! They are never used in real aviation! Only reason they would would be due to weather witch here in LA never gets that bad! I’ve never taken of runway 06 and 07!

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I don’t think I’ve ever taken off from 06 or 07 because of winds! It never happenes! Put some realism and shut down 06 and 07!

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These runways are used for night operations like cargo planes. The winds don’t usually play a factor in runways at night since there usually aren’t any.
So they are used… At night


Yes, for cargo service coming from Asia and passenger service from Hawaii.


Calm down with those exclamation marks, I hear shouting.

Whatever you say we will just let you control it from now on.

I’ve flown into LAX many times and have used 06/07 to land, mainly in the late night hours when the wind favors those runways. Also, LAX sometimes runs suicide ops where depending on the side of the field, you use opposite ends if the traffic is light.

So why again are we still debating about this?

You are contradicting yourself. LAX uses 06/07…

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I am pretty sure that the procedures you guys are referring to are for noise abatement, not weather.

Exactly, that’s why they use them for the morning arrivals.

If you guys are really following noise abatement procedures along your routes in IF, good for y’all. That is pretty cool!

If there’s a strong tailwind, I’d rather use a non-realistic runway assignment than make pilots’ approaches a living hell.