Realism Videos

Can anyone help me out with videos, like how some people put a window view in there videos.

I would like to wonder the same thing.

same I would like to know too

I tried editing in a computer… but I couldn’t even add the video

Somones tag somebody that does yotubeveryone videos

A lot of the people who does YouTube videos with those filters are not on the forum. As I tried to Google it.

I’d recommend using Sony Vegas Pro and downloading a PNG image of a plane window frame for the video

Ok thanks. HAve you tried it.

Yeah I’ve done some but I don’t have the videos on me

Oh okay cool

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Only issue I have with Sony Vegas is that it’s very complicated if your not in core editing. Is that the only way.

I think there also blender.

No but it’s the easiest to learn IMO

Nah Blender is for rendering

It does have a video editor. Don’t pretend to be a know it all!!

? It does, not good though. Very mature

it does the job for what we’re taking about.

You just gotta get a PNG of a plane window with the window’s inside blank.
Then you just drop it in a higher surface than the video over the video.
Where’s the problem?

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The problem is what video edit you can get that can do that. I’ll just go back and Google.

Does anyone have a png pic of a window seat without a background?