Realism: merry Christmas

First of all merry Christmas everyone!
On a scale of 1-10 how realistic to you think infinite flight is to reel life ?

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Real life ^*

Merry christmas 😄

Eh… maybe a 6.5? 7?

I just rlly want them to add clouds in


It’s quite realistic. It’s procedures and ATC is very accurate. For a mobile simulator I contains a lot so a high rating.

For a mobile I would give it around 7, but if we consider all of the simulators out there… 4?

Merry Christmas!

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Based on about 5 of your previous topics, I can’t say anyone would have ever guessed this.

They will come sometime in the future. They are high in demand and the developers are aware of that. Patience is key. Continually asking for them isn’t going to make them arrive any faster.

I suggest you go read this topic rather than making another one asking for them. Gets a tad boring


the game is quite realistic, the peoples behaviours including expert server ATC are very unrealistic

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There are many different categories.
Weather: 4/10
Pushback: 5/10
Aircraft Modeling: 8/10
Buildings: 0/10
Lightning: 3/10
Community: 11/10

For example if the controller could say: „pushback approved, facing east“ I would give pushback 10/10.




on a scale, 4.5

the community is what makes the game good tbh. without the community it would be a pile of sand

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*Developers of InfiniteFlight left the chat *


*Developers of InfiniteFlight were added *

Facts. the VAs, IFATC, the events, the ATC Schedule, Tracking Threads and MANY other things. Without these IF would be very boring.


In terms of aircraft: 7/10 (some are nice while some are not, so it’s an average)
In terms of flying and navigation: 8/10 (will be perfect if curved fpl and smoother AP is added)
In terms of airport: 5/10 (accurate airport layout but no buildings, still a long way to go)
In terms of multiplayer: 9/10 (highly professional live ATC system!)

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I’d hate to be “that guy”, but have you read the forum guidelines? You’ve been here long enough to know that these repetitive, unproductive topics will be closed anyways; is the fact that your topics are being closed and unlisted a sign that…maybe you shouldn’t create other topics about the same subject? I’d understand if it was a new user on the forum, but you’ve created over 30 of these sort of topics, and at this point, I’m starting to question if you’re actually reading these replies and reading the resources that we give you. Please, take the time to read the forum and category guidelines, it’s for your own good.


I don’t think we should be here to judge on how well they’re doing rather helping them know if they need to improve,

If you were the creator if an app, would you like to see people rating your app out of 10 or giving feedback instead?

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i think us Rating IF is good because then we can inform the devs of weak points in their game and develop feedback useful to improve the game. A developer who is adamant they have the best game is maybe not the best person to be working with. therefore giving opinions n feedback on the game is useful to the Devs :)

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there’s a difference between us here saying the game is terrible, and us talking about rooms of improvement