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Hello everyone,


Today I am planning on flying AC 873 from Frankfurt to Toronto (Fight is currently in the air) However, I was looking for some help from you guys on how to fly this flight in the most realistic way possible!

If you could please provide answers to the below questions, that would really help me out!

  1. Although this flight is on a AC 777-300ER it is not carrying any passengers due to the current situation, correct?

  2. Would the lower cargo holds be pretty much full on this flight?

  3. I know AC gutted some of their cabins to make room for more cargo, did they do this to all of their widebodies flying overseas at the moment?

  4. Should I add “passengers” (In the weight & balance menu) to simulate cargo that may or may not be getting carried in the main cabin?

I am asking these questions to try and get as realistic of a weight and balance as possible…

Thanks for your help!

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I would think that the best way to do it is what you are suggesting, yes. Simulate weight of cargo in the main cabin with the passengers slider. Weight and balance wise, it makes more sense rather than flying only a full cargo hold.

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It most likely would carry passengers, maybe 10 at the most.

Because of the current situations, yes.

I don’t know. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re transporting their medical supplies overseas.

If you want to pretend they are cargo, sure.


Alright, thank you both! I will spawn in and utilize the information above. If anyone else wants to chime in, I would still be open to hearing that!

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Space wise it might well be, but especially the cabin cargo (masks) are really light and I would imagine that this applies to some of the cargo hold cargo too.

Example: One of LH‘s Cargo only flights from Asia was 20T below MLW on departure as far as I am aware.

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You bring up a good point, I did not think of that!

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No problem. As the flight left from the Terminal and is on the departure board, it might have Pax and no cabin cargo though.

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