Realism about engines

I don’t know whether this topic is a duplicate one or not. I would like to share something with you all for some more realism in IF like the engine switch off buttons, like when we complete our flight and when we park the aircraft at the gates, the engines still run. I mean like there should be a system that allows us switching off the engines and start it again if we want to fly again.

Already been requested a billion times bud ;) next time you get the urge to create a featured request simply search it up. I can almost guarantee you it has already been requested at some point in time.


Yeah, they haven’t worked at this point yet. Maybe someday they would work on the engines and sound effects. Almost all passenger planes had the same sound effect!

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😅I didnt knew that. But developers should really think about that.

They’ve been told many times so I’m sure they are aware. They can’t do every little thing we want in one update. Patience is a virtue my young friend.


Very true☺

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Think about global

They might be releasing it during the Christmas probably

I predict it would be released at April or May.

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