Realign “unable” function

I’ve recently been thinking,”what if your in approach freq. and accidentally press unable?” The two buttons are very close to each other and can easily be pressed by accident. I think that the unable function should be realigned so that it is harder to press by mistake. This will stop some ghosting and may prevent getting hit with the “please follow instructions”. Let me know in the comments what you think!

I believe a redesigned ATC system will be coming in the next update. Correct me if I’m wrong.


I think it is coming in the next update. Laura posted on Instagram about what is coming on the next update.

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Well I never heard of that but if that’s the case than that’s good!👌

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Found it!


MaxSez: Just a reminder; Unable does not mean “Hell No!”, It’s not disrespectful and it is a valuable retort when utilized properly. Always remember Pilot “You” are the Decision Maker, be prepared to defend your decision if challenged.


If you click unable, it will ask you to confirm anyway. I don’t see a need for this

KevinSez: I think you are not quite understanding the point of this post. The OP is not asking for the removal of unable. When you are given an instruction from ATC, confirm and unable are right next to each other. If you are playing on a small device and have sausage fingers you can easily say unable when you can very easily make the request ATC wants you to do.

OP is simply asking for the unable button to be moved so this problem doesn’t occur.

Sadly, no vote from me. The developers are reworking the ATC window to make it more user friendly anyway, if it’s still an issue after the update I then might consider voting.


@Kevin_Potthast. MaxSez: Thanks for the pointed comment Kevin. Appears your Questioning my ability to comprehend the english language my young cyber friend! Far from it, just posting a reminder for the Fledglings record since the Author threw in the Ghosting & Guard Message reminder that always associates with the term Unable.


Theres always a “disregard last message”, a “correction, stand by”, and an “im sorry” command. Surely a controller wont ghost you if you follow their instruction if you reply with those.