Real world weather conditions

With the introduction of clouds being announced I would like for us to have real world weather conditions here are a few examples currently it is snowing in Denver and also the orange glow in San Francisco as well as rain Lightning sand storms etc. I think that if this was implemented that we would also need a weather radar in the live cockpit system and on the map so you can fly around storms like in real life.

To be honest this feature request partly covers what your talking about:

It would definitely be a great addition to the sim, but “real world weather conditions” means so many things I see them being added in stages… and Metal might just help with that.

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Also I I think it would be fine to fly the hurricane Hunter C1 30 into real hurricanes

Also they are probably doing it with project mettle

good idea, good thought but id say in will happen, not in short term though. the developers are hard at work always to make IF the best it can be and more for us.

See and continue in highlighted post above. Thanks.