Real world rule and regulation apply to infinite?

I am a private pilot and I realize that a lot of thing that are in the game are very similar In real life. However, I noticed that the non movement area and the active taxi line in the game are hard to tell. I almost got reported for following the real life rule and I was referring to my aviation fore flight for the airport diaphragm. So other thing I realize is the airspace. Especially you can get report if you fly over or under the class Bravo without letting the tower know your intentions, you would get reported for the real world thing. Can someone explain how infinite rule play out in the game. Thanks


Could you provide some kind of example (e.g. a Screenshot)?

Normally following IRL taxiways should be absolutely fine as they (normally) do match the IF airport Lay-out thanks to the IFAET team.

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I am not familiar with this airport but checking on ForeFlight it look like I can taxi out to the hold short of taxi TN. I dont if taxi line TN is a thing. Lol. I only fly in the U.S. around Bakersfield, Long Beach, and Fesno. So if anything new to learn, I would love to learn it.

Here you can see the airport diaphragm for Bakersfield where I fly out from allot. At A9 I would taxi out to A9 and request a clearance to the active.

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In Infinite Flight, clearance is required before pushing back and taxiing. I know there may be real world rules at some airports but that is not built into the sim with the unrealistic traffic loads.


Just curious, no rudeness intended but do IFATC get some training on the real world thing? I find it hard to maintain the irl and the inf game and getting reported many many many time for the real world thing.

Thanks for the fast reply @Chris_S!

The issue is purely volume of airports in the world to be educated on.

When able, controllers will follow real world runway usage. Since taxiway names are not available in the sim it makes it hard to tell people how to taxi. We do have progressive taxi but that is after taxi has been granted.

The other issue is that not everyone is going to follow the real world rules so you have some pilots who may be confused when to taxi to a certain spot and THEN ask for permission.

@Tyler_Shelton is a controller in real life and tries to implement as much as possible when it makes sense.


That make sense. Honestly, it would be great to have realistic taxi line and with atc has foreflight provided for them. But I just don’t know what the IFATC do know and what they don’t know to avoid these mistake in the future.

I use skydemo for flight planning and quite often play a route in IF that I occasionally fly in the real world.

Here you can see a bit of class d that is allowed to be used without prior clearance but carries a warning that the manchester QNH be set and a listening squawk. Theres loads of procedures that can be fully sim’d due to the complexity of the real world. In the real world id tune to manchester approach and monitor thier freq or ask for a basic/traffic service but in IF it really upsets people being on freq but not needing to talk to them.

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Interesting app,
Yeah real world can get really messy. It is hard to get to play in the expert server with ground, tower, appr, and departure nearby. Sometime it just too slow I’m these server.

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