Real World Pilots Tracking Threads

Hi everybody!

Today I came up with something cool and fascinating that you might like!

Real World Pilots Tracking Threads

This is where you can meet in real life pilots and can ask questions to them and maybe have a little conversation if you wish.

If you are a real-world pilot please state the following.

What rank are you or whatever it’s called. (Trainee, First Officer. etc)
What airline you work for.
Where you are from.
What your salary is (if you are not comfortable with telling people your annual salary that’s completely fine this is just optional.)

Have great day!


Not sure why this isn’t in #real-world-aviation, considering you have the TL, but I cant move it myself 🙃

I’m worried it might not be approved by a moderator though. :/

You could’ve just sent it anyway. If it gets rejected, whatever.

Ok I’ll change it.

Oof, I can’t change it probably will have to contact a moderator.

That would be considered bypassing the approval process, just so you know 😊

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I like this idea but I recommend deleting this one and creating a new one in the #real-world-aviation category.

That is exactly what I did it said it was too similar to the one I made right now.

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Does it count if both my parents are pilots?

Not sure if salary is appropriate… Some people may find it as sensitive and private.

This is exactly what I said, if your comfortable with it. Its optional.

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Also is this only for commercial pilots or does it include private pilots and maybe student pilots as well?

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I just feel like the gaps between pay scales such as the ones from a regional and a legacy could cause a pilot with lower salary to be seemed as less skillful than a pilot with higher pay in the community.

I think student pilots deserve their own category 😂 image


for pilots who have a liscense.

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I know they are the smartest pilots. But for real some people might want to hear about that process and what it’s like after all everyone needs to do it and it can change over the years so it can be nice to have someone who is currently in it.

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I dont know if you can get them to be active on ur acc then yes.

Feel free to talk to me but as I said they make up a significant portion of the community ranging from first flying lessons to cramming for the checkride… it’s difficult to gauge just how “knowledgeable” they are.


That’s very true but I’m not talking about flying I’m talking about what flight school is like not about flying for people who want to start flight school.

Either way I’m not trying to start an argument so I’m going to stop now.

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