Real World Flying meets Infinite Flight Flying

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Today I bring you a somewhat different topic… Using Infinite Flight to help and sharpen real world flying skills. As many of you know, I am currently working on my instrument rating. With that, my buddy and I went out a few days ago to practice holds and do some ILS approaches. After that, I decided why not load into the sim and go to my local airport and do the exact same thing my buddy and I did in the real world. With that, the following screenshots are from LiveFlight and Foreflight with IF reading it. CERCY%20HOLDS%20AND%20HOGGA%20HOLDS Using%20IF%20to%20practice%20IFR%20stuff

The first picture of when I was holding doing holds at the outer marker/IAF for the ILS runway 1 into the SRC airport. It also shows where I held at HOGGA after going missed off the RNAV (GPS) Approach runway 19 at SRC. The second picture shows a wider view of the holds as well as shooting the RNAV (GPS) approach two times, one from LYONN (IAF) and the other one from VITLS (IAF). The last two pictures show me flying in the hold while flying on IF.

IMG_1381 IMG_1382

I hope you enjoy this topic. Please fill free to add questions if you have any.

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Wow!! Very intresting to see that man

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cool clothes i want to do that too


That’s pretty neat


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