Real world flying info

If you have any knowledge on how you might actually fly an airplane in the real world, it have any questions on how, please feel free to post them here.
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I’m pretty sure the knowledge you seek is in the #tutorials

For flying a real world aircraft?

How to fly a plane: pull stick up, plane goes up. Push stick down, plane goes down. The buttons: they’re to impress the chicks, chicks are complex.


Don’t forget about contacting ATC!! 😀😃😄

That’s also pretty important

It’s actually not that important for the majority of aircraft.

Simple advice. Go to your local airport, find a flight school take a discovery flight and bam that how you fly an airplane


How much does flight school cost?

it varies from State to state or country to country

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Florida, USA?? Or do you not know??

i have no idea about florida. different places have different rates

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Ok, how hard is flight school?

how you pm me and i can tell you about it


It depends also on what kind of plane you want to fly.
A glider pilot certificate isn’t on the same level as a commercial pilot one (beside what @N1DG said, that’s completely right)

As a basic introduction I’d check out the following:

  1. High level overview of private pilot certification (cost, hours, etc.):
  2. Search tool for flight schools (also has other valuable information):

Then, reach out to some of the people that have offered to discuss their experience


Thanks so much! @cblaydes7

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