Real World Flights

How many people regularly complete scheduled flights in line with the real world ones?
I’m currently 30,000feet above the Sea of Japan on my way back to Paris as Air France 293
ETA 0405 CEST.
Replies on a postcard. Thanks gang!

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I try to but most of the times I arrive ahead of the actual flight. Heck I use Live ATC app and follow their instructions


What routes do you usually fly?
I’m a big Air France and TUI UK flier!

More US routes cause I live in the US

I fly scheduled times when I can but not real time.

I sometimes alter the time of day to reflect departure times but often times just fly them at “current time”.

I also fly a lot of GA flights to locations around the world, pretending I’d achieved my dreams of learning to fly and becoming a millionaire aircraft owner! Haha


Tyler I do this all the time as much as possible. Once I was actually able to do it ONBOARD a jetBlue flight from PBI-BOS with the FlyFi! It was awesome! LiveATC, I setup the proper TWR/DEP/CTR/APP/TWR freqs on my iPhone in LiveATC, then flew on my iPad-maybe a 30 second delay or so! I was able to get some shortcuts from ATC that we took, we got a redirect to HTO VOR, then direct PROVI to join the ROBUC3 TRANS ILS33L at KBOS!


That’s funny you ask, I actually just did a transatlantic flight and was going to see how it went side-by-side compared to IF. I was also going to try ESSA (Stockholm) to EGLL (it was a connection on that flight).

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You’ve revolutionized my life. <3

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I’ve just step climbed upto FL340. 7 hours 30 mins to go!

I do this all the time! Makes things so much easier

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