Real World Flight Procedures: Takeoff, Landing, etc.

I was just wondering, what are some real world landing procedures? Also, can you use any of these in Infinite Flight?


If you go to, and search for the airport you want, they have everything that you need or want to know as well as the instrument plates needed for departure and approach.


Of course this all depends on aircraft type primarily but for the A320-family you could always check the traning manual (FCTM) for some aircraft characterisitics.

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What do you mean? Lots of real life procedures are applicable in IF, but there are too many to write down… What spesifically are you wondering about?

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Mainly landing. A little bit of takeoff.

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I would be very careful flying STAR’s on IF. STAR’s are a way for easing the workload of the controller, by having predefined “roads” that all aircraft fly. When only one does it, there’s no purpose… If there is active ATC, you cannot follow it as you will be sequenced and are expected to take the shortest route available…

I talked to a real life 737 pilot, and he says at 100 ft you idle the throttles, just a piece of useful info there.

Totally depends… There isn’t a rule saying you idle at 100. Depends on your config, speed, runway length, profile etc…

Yes, that is what I meant by it doesn’t work if actively vectored or controlled by ATC. The other pilots aren’t following the procedures so it doesn’t really carry over.

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Also depends on how you’re are flying the aircraft. My instructor taught me at first to cut to idle across the threshold. Later on she taught me to keep power into it until you want to touch down. Now I use this method keep a little throttle into it and pull it mid flare. Then you just drop down.


To answer the original question though someone made some realistic IF checklists to use.

Yea, those kind of things.

Thanks for the link!

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