Real world flight planners

What flight planners are the best for making real world flight plans


Have you used,

To make realistic flight plans in IF I strongly recommend and

Yes. However, Because I’m trying to fly from Middle East to USA, real world flights don’t fly over Iraq, but they fly near Israel. Flight plan database doesn’t let me do that.

For some reason simbrief doesn’t show waypoints over the ocean.

I believe complies with all current airspace restrictions FlightAware has the flightplans each irl flight uses. (Except for some in Asia and in between 2 European cities).

Flight aware doesn’t always have the full flight plan for me to copy and paste. From Doha to New York it doesn’t. And for many more flights it doesn’t.

How about this one? IF Flightplan Tools | Editor

If you fully read my message I mention this doesn’t work on on some routes to Asia. You also aren’t supposed to copy and paste. You have to manually enter the waypoints after hitting “decode”.

Yeah, that’s because you need to add the Oceanic Track on your own… AI can’t do everything for ya.

Hello, I’ve done many flights from the Middle East to North America. Simbreif usually has at least one flight plan that avoids Iraq and goes over Saudi Arabia instead. Best of luck., then click Simbrief. It works. No excuses.

Here’s an example from Doha-New York.

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How can I add it?

It’s in the game. When you are putting your FPL, simply click on an oceanic track and add it

Then you can move it up and down using arrows so the oceanic track is between the right waypoints.

Generally simbrief knows the active oceanic tracks and adds them into the fpl.

ForeFlight is best

Simbrief definitely does show waypoints over the ocean. With SimBrief the best thing to do is to add each waypoint individually, and obviously use the track if it tells you to. But yes it does show oceanic waypoints. It also will comply with many airspace restrictions, and you can also tell it to avoid certain FIRs/airways/etc.

Irl I think they fly over the balkans.