Real World Flight Challenge

I challenge YOU!
The Challenge: Go on FR24, find a flight you can fly on IF, and fly the route. Use the Callsign, plane, and airline shown in FR24
After the challenge: Post your route, flight number, and any other information. Add a screenshot!
Bonus Challenge Do everything above, but use only cockpit view, not even HUD! Cockpit!
Good Luck!


Wow, didn’t read it and already liked it @mattrich😂


Hey, I read it after I liked it ;)


Haha thanks for the like anyways😜

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I’ll try to post a flight completing this challenge tomorrow.


I’ve done this so many times and still do it today. I guess I completed this challenge already haha. ;)


I will do it

This is going to be sorta easy apart from I don’t know how to fly the dash

Wow! Just naise, I was just doing that a few days ago! image
What’s weird was that the real deal took off 5 min before us and it landed 13 min before us😂
Flight Number: 3K688


I fly about 90 % of my flights based on real life flights.

A good one is BRITISH AIRWAYS 2157. Daily flight from LGW to Antigua ( we can’t do that portion yet!) then at Antigua flies to smaller islands in the Caribean.

Twice a week it flies to St Kitts which is also in the IF Caribean region:


Does it count if I I take off from YSSY and fly until throttle cut, the go to a region fly to the edge do a U turn and continue to my destination? *brethe

not to get cocky but thats not how u hold short

anywhay good to c u do the challenge


That’s also how I replicate ( well I quite before the throttle goes!) long haul flights, but I don’t think that fits in with criteria or spirit of this thread! ;-)

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__Thanks you for pointing it out! I am aware of how to hold short correctly and whilst I try and get it right all the time sometimes it doesn’t a
Ways happen.


This topic will get a lot cooler when we get global. :)

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