Real World Aviation Question

hey i was gonna post a couple of vids a pics into #real-world-aviation since i went to MiraMar Airshow yesterday. My question is am i able to even though my parents were cursing in the background? 😅 they were super excited.

I am not sure… also why where they cussing?

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never seen the blue angels perform these stunts so when it looked like they were gonna hit they were liek “oh sh^^”.

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It’s probably not best to post videos with swearing or similar as some users may find it offensive. It’s also important to remember that this forum is a place with flight simulator enthusiasts and Infinite Flight users of all different ages, demographics and cultural beliefs and religions. So it’s best to avoid posting content with swearing as some users may find it offensive.

I would suggest editing the swearing out of the video before posting and if that isn’t possible, maybe just posting your pictures instead.

I hope you had a good time at the airshow!

Take care!


Just mute the video.


alrighty! i wanna post with sound because the engines sound amazing! but then again no one wants to hear the swearing! they’ll be up on youtube later on this week. thanks!