Real World Aviation Pet Peeves

Someone from the row behind me putting there foot on my armrest.

That’s why planes have closets.

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i know but it’s just a pain and most of the time since i normally get on last, they are full so I just put mine in my bag or on top of my family’s bags in the overhead bin.

Never got to experience that… Looking forward to that. Generally, people in Asia are more well behaved than their American counterparts.

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yikes, for one your bag doesn’t pay for its own seat and secondly don’t shame people for being overweight

Something I didn’t mention in my Jetblue a320 trip report

on the first flight I was in the old interior I was in 20F my the rest of my Family was 2 rows ahead of me (4 other people) unlucky for me was I was sitting next to what I call ‘a disney family’, (a typical american family going to disney0 they had they typical family disney vacation shirts and they had 20 A, B, C, D and E. but this particular family could not control their child who was in A, the kid kept running from A to E and back for the whole flight. Please control your child.

People who pick to sit in the window seat and keep the shutter closed. Viewzzzz bro!

Pilots(in the airlines) who decide to hand-fly but I can feel every neg and pos G.

FAs who call me to tell me they won’t be doing cabin service beacuse of a couple of light trub bumps. Sigh.

When the wifi in in-op. First world problems

When pilots look sloppy. Oversized shirt with wrinkles all over them. It’s a professional job, dress like it.

When TSA acts all and mighty. Okay, easy there mall security person. Just ask me nicely.

I have more, but I’ll keep it to these lol

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It’s the ones that have no nobility that have always been the issue. I mean you.

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I’m not shaming overweight people. I was making a joke by pointing out the hypocrisy. Huge difference.

my biggest aviation pet peeves
bounced landings
gate changes within 30 minutes of boarding (Thanks Delta)
food court being before TSA (EWR & LGA)
Sitting on a taxiway for an hour because NYC traffic

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Airport security harassing pilots over their packed lunches. One of my friends had to give up a beef sandwich because it had a dressing on and was therefore classed as a liquid. Such stupidity when pilots could do so much more damage with
A, the fire axe usually found on the flight deck
B, a fully fueled aircraft

I think the rules around liquids what you can take are relaxed now. I always used to visit places with over zealous security teams who would kick up a fuss over pen knives or tea in a flask


everyone trying to get off the plane at once💀


here is one more!


person afraid of flying when the plane runs into turbulence



I literally said weeeeeee once because IMO turbulence is the reminder that 1. you are alive and 2. you are flying. smooth flights are weird tbh.

When someone makes a YT video, or topic on the IFC and they complain about their business or first class flight


I have watched several videos of this and this usually happens in central to South America, like you hit light turbulence and a bunch of people start screaming and praying, then you land and everyone claps and cheers. That’s why I like flying in North America.

I know right, it’s like at least be grateful that you can fly that premium of a class


These two!!!
Especially the second one 🤣🤣 can’t stress them enough or say them too loudly
TSA needs to stay in their lanes sometimes and they shouldn’t look at me like I’m the reason they don’t like their jobs when I haven’t even said or done anything


I suggest you never fly into or out of Africa (or at least Nigeria) because they do this every flight and it gets me sooooo pissy

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Ha ha ha I have heard that the same thing happens in the Dominican Republic and I am going there next summer.