Real world aviation category

The only reason I’m making it

is that I disagree with banning news topics like the one I posted yesterday.

I’m not making you change. If a change occurs it’ll come from the staff. I don’t fall under that category. We are here to bring up an issue that is becoming more prevalent and something that needs to be brought to attention.


Exactly, but I like posting and reading these news topics. And they’re not meaningless. What you would call a “minority” of forum members also enjoy this.

But he wasn’t there! Which is the whole point he’s making

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Yeah I get it after I read it. My bad folks. We all make mistakes

If you’d like to call me out on a post I made what about this post that you made? Please tell me how this even has anything to do with aviation?

All links hardly any substance. This is the type of post that I’m talking about here.


I never said anything of the sort. You told me to stop quoting you that was off base as well. How are the forum rules stupid might I ask? Even with current standards I don’t see how that fits.

No one is arguing here, but you man.


One can’t start an argument without an opposing statement. I think you contributed to it. And then it was continued in my topic where I was only trying to help by giving a suggestion.


And I’m very sorry that expressing my opinion had to turn out this way. It is up to the moderators to decide.


No one is saying your opinion is invalid. I’m just bringing up a discussion about the categories original purpose, and asking to get back to said purpose as it’s gone astray. Highly astray!


So isn’t this a ‘pointless’ topic - was he there?

Ha! So I get dragged into this mess. There’s nothing but a bunch of babies in this community. Seriously

You didn’t get dragged into this mess. You didn’t even need to reply. You’re one of the people causing the problem of “pointless” (exaggerate those quotation marks) topics. And if your topic is really pointless, it would be closed by moderators. This is my point.


Won’t be stooping to y’alls level! I’m outimage

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I put pointless in quotations for a reason. It’s not pointless! It’s what some people in this topic would call pointless. Otherwise it would be closed by moderators. But I do think you could put a little more substance into your original post 😊


I will work on that. I just don’t see the point of these arguments. Like you said. If it’s not meant to be then they will take care of it.

Not arguments anymore, discussing how the rule is not followed by the community anymore and how it could possibly be implemented. I still think the rule is outdated but whatever. See what happens.

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I can’t say that posts are not following rules- they are technically following the guidelines and the category is about interests in RWA, but perhaps it is time for the rules to be refined-

Take posts such as these:

Not against the guidelines, but certainly not a high quality thread by any stretch of the information, and likely not the original intended purpose for RWA.

You could say ok, RWA is only for personal experiences, but then you block out very interesting posts such as these:

So here’s my suggestion-

The RWA guidelines are changed to read:

‘Here you can discuss your interests in real world aviation. Posts should be about a specific event, experience or interest. Generalised posts eg ‘What is your favourite xxx’ will not be permitted.’

This gives the moderators much more ground to get rid of the BS around the category, and get it back on the rails.

NB- any examples used here aren’t personal to the authors, just picked some examples from the category.


Couldn’t agree more man. Pouring over the NTSB reports is tiring. I think if we did that though it would seriously come right back to what it is. You could say that Meme’s interest you. Pictures of a 330 interest you. I think it just leaves the door too open for non quality posts. There are a lot of good posts that aren’t personal experiences, but there are also a lot of bad ones. New guidelines should definitely be something to consider though. Not sure how to word it, but that’s why I’m not staff.